It’s a question I get asked a fair bit when it comes to online content, and honestly, the answer is usually “Your social media sucks” but, that’s just me being the blunt Yorkshireman that I am.

Then I break it down for them to understand exactly what the issue is.

Too many people use social media as an opportunity to sell to their audience, however, they forget a couple of really important factors.

1. You don’t have an audience to sell too in the first place as you’ve not spent your time building a brand

2. People really hate being sold too.


So, how can I explain this to people so it makes sense?

Well, social media is like driving down the road and seeing a billboard suddenly appear over the horizon.  You can see it, and as you get closer you’re able to start to digest the message it’s putting across, but, if the message it’s putting out is 100% sales and utter rubbish and you’re not in that frame of mind, then why would you digest what the poster has to say.

Treat your social media like that billboard….it’s a chance for you to talk to a massive audience, but, if you don’t think about what you’re posting out to everyone to see, if you just sell and give no value to them, they’re not going to care about what you’ve got to say, and most likely won’t digest your content and will move on to the next post in the feed.

So, no social media isn’t crap, it’s just you’re not using it in the right way.  As I started this blog off with “Your Social Media Sucks” because all you’re doing is thinking about you, go into it being selfless, wanting to speak to people etc.  Remember, it’s called “SOCIAL” media for a reason, when it was first penned as an overarching name for all these amazing tools we have available to us, the main point was for us to be social, to speak to people, make new friends, talk to old friends and build relationships that matter to us and the people we are in the relationships with.  Somewhere along the line, businesses and marketeers screwed it up for all of us and ruined the platforms as they all went crazy selling on them, and the same as tv and radio, people got pissed off with it, so now you need to be more intelligent with how you speak to people, or, do as I do, don’t think too hard about it and just give value 100% of the time.

Now, I know time is precious to us all, and we need to be able to remove the friction across all social media platforms, this is why I speak so passionately about the simple process of:




RINSE & REPEAT 52 times a year.

If you can get into this habit, creating content that gives value and people can digest and learn from, when it comes to asking further down the line, you’re already in a much stronger position as you have a relationship with your followers, and raving fans.

So, get started today, stop thinking your audience doesn’t use social media, because they do, and stop thinking your content is amazing, because, I speak to so many people who tell me their feed is on fire with amazing stuff, so why don’t they have the followers etc, and the honest answer is, because it’s not as good as you think it is or you’ve not given it enough time to grow, you want it to happen in a month or two, and this stuff doesn’t happen over night, organic growth takes time and effort, so learn to be patient and keep giving that value.

If you’ve any questions, I’m always happy to have a chat, or we can speak on skype, or if you’re a bit shy, come and follow my other social media channels and see what I’ve got to say there that you can digest. [email protected]


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