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World Radio Day

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World Radio Day

(The following is a transcript taken from a video about the subject, see below)

Now. Then how the devil are you. Well, excellent. Me too. Thank you very much for asking. Welcome to another video. Today is world radio day. Now obviously I have a very fond affinity with radio. It’s where I started my career. I was working in radio stations as a producer, as a tack up, ended up being a presenter that were running radio stations and all sorts of stuff. So I have a big affinity towards radio and audio in particular and which is why I want to talk to you about what I want to talk to you about today, which is the power of audio for your brand and your business. So if you’re not already doing this, I think this is probably one of the most powerful tools for Brandon business at the moment because it’s the one that has the least friction. All of the forms of content take time and energy to actually consume them.

You have to sit down and watch a video or read a blog. You have to get your phone out and scroll through to find content on things like Instagram and tech talk and Snapchat. But when it comes to audio, when it comes to a podcast, you don’t have to do any of that. You just say, Alexa, play my favourite podcast and it will play your favourite podcast to you. Or you just open up the app and press play. Is that simple? You can listen to while you’re in the car, at the gym, wherever you are. And the great thing about audio as well, as much as I love video and I run a visual marketing agency, so it’s going to sound very strange coming from me saying this, but the audio has a way of painting a picture and really inspiring the listener’s mind to listen back.

So if I was doing a purely audio-video right now and just taking this video aspect out of it and it was a blank screen, I would be able to describe the room I’m in. I’d be able to describe the day outside and you would start painting those pictures in your head to kind of understand where I am while I’m talking to you. And audio has a really great way of connecting with people. Trust me, it did. Just, it’s an incredible, incredible tool. So if you are not already using podcasts as a tool for your business and your brand, it’s definitely something for you to be looking at, especially if like so many people I come across, you are scared of doing this one-to-one connection on a video. So many people don’t like doing this and you eventually have to overcome that battle of not talking to a camera, but at the very start, you don’t really necessarily have to do that.

You can get over it by creating audio-based content. So you can create a podcast which can then be turned into a video without your visual on it, which can then be turned into short audio pieces and short video pieces and so on and so forth. And for anybody out there who’s trying to sell you some sort of 10,000-pound podcast care or costs or anything like that, it’s all load of bullshit. You do not need the best kid in the world to get started. Do not get me wrong. It’s nice to have and it’s great to have a good microphone and it’s great to have nice care, nice-sounding podcasts, but to get started on something that you’ve never even tested, you’ve never even tried. You don’t even know if you’re happy doing. Why would you spend thousands of pounds? I cause to show you how to do it or to buy care when you have the most perfect tool in your back pocket.

Right now the thing, I’m filming this on a phone as far back as I’ve had phones apart from the very first phone I ever had, which I think I got free from the AA. I’m all phones have had some form of audio recording device on them. We’re in a lucky position now where we can add a drop or email ourselves that audio once we’ve recorded it and then you can put it onto the apps like anchor where you can edit it and put intros and outros and music on it. Or if your [inaudible] you’ve got the skill set, you can download it and put it onto Adobe audition or Udacity and edit it and take out the ums. And the heirs and partner’s interest and those outros and that audio and music and clips and all that kind of stuff and make you sound whizzbang worst. But the most important thing is, is you just have the audio and you have you speaking and you have the value that you’re giving.

So start podcasting, use your phone, stop listening to all these people who are trying to sell you these ridiculously expensive courses and pieces of kit. You don’t need it. You’ve got your phone. Get started. Start making a podcast. Such a great tool, and it’s so frictionless. Like I said, at the very beginning, people can consume it anywhere as long as you tell them it exists. Just don’t forget to do that. So many people make content and then don’t tell anybody about it. But that’s for another video. Thanks for watching. And until next time, have a good one and I’ll see you tomorrow for Valentine’s day. Yeah. Wow. Okay. If you, lots.


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