I don’t know where to put my content!!!

The words I hear so often from small businesses around the UK. Social media is a massive world, and we’re spoilt for choice with the number of outlets we can distribute too.  However, this massive number of outlets also makes it feel like social media has now become a science, and we don’t know how to approach it, and even more so, where to put our messages.

So, where should I stick it?

Well, that is the million dollar question.  We live in an age where all small businesses have little or no budget to pay for external teams to do everything for them i.e video creation, podcast creation, blog writing, graphics etc. etc. etc. So, how should you approach this problem?  Well firstly, you need to treat yourself as a media outlet, you need to find the time to get content out as often as you possibly can, daily is the aim.  My point is, you should be trying to get content out to do everything, and I’ve written previous blogs about how you can do this with a bit of time and hard work.

However, if you can’t, where should you be putting your content, well, the question is……

Where is your audience?

Too many people are quick to jump on the lines, oh I’ve tried it and it doesn’t work.  Have you honestly tested and researched every single platform to see which ones they’re using, and most importantly WHEN. i.e. there’s no point in posting at 5 pm every single day if your audience is on at 2 am because they’re mainly American companies.

Once you know where and when your audience is online then you can start to target your content to them.  We always do a blog, ALWAYS, it’s the key to our content, the centralised area we can send our audience back too, that is on our website and allows the readers a chance to go further into our site to find out more about us.

Once you’ve got your blog, then you can look at where your audience is on social media and create specific content on those mediums that will entice them to click back to your website.

I’m a huge fan of video and audio, obviously, and when doing a Live video is FREE for anyone to do, I think it’s a tool we should all be grasping with both hands to make the most of, and once you’ve done that, you’ve got the audio for podcasts and short-form audio content as well.  There’s so much that’s possible from doing that one thing…..A BLOG and following it up with live video.

If you’ve any other questions about your content, and what and where you should be putting it, please, drop me a line, I’m always happy to have a chat for FREE, [email protected] or contact me on skype on the same address.