To write a computer program, you have to tell the computer, step by step, exactly what you want it to do. … When you are telling the computer what to do, you also get to choose how it’s going to do it. That’s where computer algorithms come in. The algorithm is the basic technique used to get the job done.

So a good few examples are:

The taxi algorithm:

Go to the taxi stand.
Get in a taxi.
Give the driver my address.
The call-me algorithm:

When your plane arrives, call my cell phone.
Meet me outside baggage claim.
The rent-a-car algorithm:

Take the shuttle to the rental car place.
Rent a car.
Follow the directions to get to my house.

So, sites like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, etc. use algorithms to decide what users are allowed to see in their feeds.

They should always be taken into consideration, but, the fact of the matter is most of the platforms don’t know what their algorithms rules are let alone us as the users, so don’t get too caught up in it, just keep posting value for your amazing audience.

Also, don’t forget to take them into consideration when you’re consuming content too. Remember the person posting the content has taken time to create it, help them on the algorithm by interacting with their content, especially if you’ve got value from it.