The business who gives value first has the most leverage

Too many brands and small businesses think the best way to get customers is to continuously sell. If that’s you, you need to stop. Take a step back and think about how YOU look to buy from people and companies, and the value your expect.

Stop Taking, Stop Asking and START to give 110% value to your customers and potential clients.  If you’re able to give value to people through your content, it puts you ahead of most of the competition.

Think about how you create your content:

What does the person digesting this content get from it?

Do they get you saying “Hey Person, if you buy my thing it’ll make your life better” ? Or do they get, “Have you tried X to improve your life”.  No punchline of, contact me to get it, no call me today, ultimately….NO SELLING……well not yet.

How often do you get great service from a business (VALUE) and think, I’ll use them again, and keep going back because of that excellent experience?  Well, that’s how you need to think about your business.  Give great value to people before they’re even a client and you’ll really surprise yourself with how much people appreciate it and can come back for more which will help in conversion eventually.

Once you’ve managed to give plenty of value to people seeing your content, that’s when you can drop in the “ASK” i.e. I’d love to email you about X, or let’s speak on the phone about Y.

So, before you hit post on that next piece of content, think to yourself, does this give the person digesting it value? Having a call to action doesn’t hurt, but, just don’t use your content to consistently sell to the viewer.

So, if you got VALUE from this blog today, I’d love to speak to you about help ensure your content is seen by a larger audience, just drop me an email on [email protected]