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Valentines Day Value

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Valentines Day Value

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Now then, welcome to the social media podcast. How the devil are you? Well, excellent. Me too. Thank you very much for asking. I’m Sam skulls. They found out and creative director of perception studios, the award-winning visual marketing agency and today is Valentine’s day. So let’s talk about spreading the love, the social media podcast with Simon Scholes, tips, hints, and great content ideas. So on a daylight today, obviously we’re going to talk about love is Valentine’s day after all, and I want to ask you the question, how are you spreading the love to your audience? I want to ask you how you do this. Do you do it by selling to them? Do you do it by sending to them with special offers to do, by selling to them with free gifts? Because even if you’re giving something for free, you were effectively selling or do you do what we do?

A perception of studios and what I do personally, which gives value and just nothing but, and just keep giving and giving and giving and giving. Because one of the things that so many people forget that social media is specifically for is being social, is reaching out and being social to people. That’s the one word in there that is the most important social media. So if you’re forgetting to be social, if you’re forgetting to reach out, if you’re forgetting to actually help people, then the chances are they’re not going to really want to consume your content at all. If all you do is sell, sell, sell, they’re not going to care about that. We live in an age where we are bombarded with sales messages all the time on the television, in print, on billboards, in newspapers, in magazines on the radio. We don’t need more of it on our social media channels where we go to be social, where we go to talk to our friends, our family and potentially business compatriots where you go to these places to be social, to talk to other people and just get away from that kind of stuff.

So if you’re going to create content that they’re going to consume and potentially see the need to make sure that your content isn’t selling but is actually giving value. So you need to start thinking about what you is that you can do within your business. Whatever it is that you do that can give value to your audience. If you’re a carpenter, can you teach them how to make a dovetail joint? If you’re an electrician, can you teach them how to rewire a plug or put a polite, if you’re a social media expert, can you teach them how to put out content on different social media channels that they might not understand? If you are a photographer, can you teach them how to set different apertures and set different lighting up so they can take photos themselves? It doesn’t mean that always necessarily going to, they might still come to you as a customer, but they’ll really, really value the content that you’re giving to them, especially if it’s valuable to them because they’re part of your audience and they’re folly content because they like what it is that you stand forward.

Is that you do and the value that you can give. So you really need to start thinking about giving value in your social media rather than constantly selling. If that’s what you do, think about value, value, value, give away that love, give away the love to your audience and trust me, they’ll give it right back here. They’ll comment, they’ll like the content, they might even become a customer in the future, but the most important thing is you’re giving them value and they’re going to love you for it. Hopefully, you got some value out of this podcast as well. Thank you very much for listening. As always, is amazing that you guys listen and if you’re brand new, please subscribe. And if you’re not, bring you and you’re already subscribed, make sure you share it with your friends and your family and other businesses that you know, stick it out on your Twitter account or maybe even leave a comment and a five-star rating. Whatever you can do to try and help get the podcast out to as many people as humanly possible. Thanks for listening anyway, and until next time, have a good, and I never really great Valentine’s day. This was a perception studios production.


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