Value, Value, Value


The business who gives value first has the most leverage

Too many brands and small businesses think the best way to get customers is to continuously sell. If that’s you, you need to stop. Take a step back and think about how YOU look to buy from people and companies, and the value your expect.

Stop Taking, Stop Asking and START to give 110% value to your customers and potential clients.  If you’re able to give value to people through your content, it puts you ahead of most of the competition.




As 2016 came to a close, Hootsuite spoke about how video and social content is key for a business to succeed going into 2017.

As much as your business shouldn’t forget about SEO and being searchable, social content is paramount to ensure your brand and business are not only reaching the millennials but also your usual Google-based customers who are heading to social networks in search of products and content. (more…)



Over the last few years, we’ve had the privilege of working with the team at DIVERSE BEAUTY on their visual marketing content. (more…)


pennant castle 3 high resIt was our pleasure to be asked again by the Newbury, Round Table to film their annual Craft Craft Race.  We of course leapt at the opportunity to work with their team to help show such an amazing event.

Not only does it bring together the Newbury community over the bank holiday weekend in May, but, it also raises an incredible amount of money for local charities.

We wanted to bring a new dynamic to the video this year, and in the last 12 months our team have gone through their CAA drone training and now have their PfAW (permission for aerial work).

What has resulted is a great event video, that captures the feel and emotions of the day.

We hope you enjoy watching it, as much as our team enjoyed filming and editing it.



We believe every business has a story to tell, and we want to help them tell it through video. We recently approached The Real Macaron Company in Newbury about creating them a documentary marketing video.

Not only is video an excellent way to talk directly and connect with your customers, but, it has been proven to help increase brand reach through SEO and tagging, which in turn improves dwell times and conversion rates.

To find out how we’d tell your story contact us today on [email protected] or call 07976 625746



We where recently approached by the fantastic Hare & Hounds Hotel in Newbury, Berkshire. They where looking for a showcase video to enhance their website and represent their facilities.


Not only that, but, they recently had a barn extension addition built onto the side of the hotel work perfectly and match the original coach house.

We decided that the barn should be the main attraction within the video and filmed from several view points within the venue as well as capturing the atmosphere everywhere within the hotel, including in the kitchen.

The final video is something we and the client are exceptionally happy with,

If this is something that might be of interest to you and your business, please fill in the contact form below to chat.

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Filming sports action is something we’ve always had a passion about at Perception Studios, which is why when we where recently asked to film the Titanium Training inaugural Powerlifting Competition we jumped at the opportunity.

We’ve previously worked on skateboarding videos and the like for international clients but never anything like this before.

We filmed for the entire day on a single DSLR camera with a static tripod, watching people squat, bench press & dead lift there ways to personal bests and trophies.

We took along final cut pro and edited on the fly and spent the day uploading the videos to give an as live view of the entire event.  Then after the event we edited together a quick & simple highlights reel to show the event at it’s finest.

It was a great way for us to be introduced to the world of Powerlifting and we’re looking forward to the next opportunity to film another competition.

Mountain Dew Campaign Wins A W3 Award

Mountain Dewl from Jaywing on Vimeo.

Just before Christmas 2013 we where approached by Jaywing in Newbury, Berkshire to help with the creation of a vine video campaign to work alongside their Mountain Dew, Mountain Dewl campaign.

The video gained a lot of interest on youtube and on other social media outlets helping towards a successful campaign for the team.

Last week the team at Jaywing where at the W3 awards to see the campaign come away with a silver award.

Read more about Jaywing’s success here

National Entrepreneur’s Convention 2014

Recently we completed a piece of work with the local business Bravo Hair They asked us to help create a recruitment film for their Newbury salon they had storyboarded.

Using a simple talk to camera strategy with the team currently at the salon we were able to create this amazing piece of content.

The guys at Bravo loved it so much they entered it into the awards and we made it into the final 8 before being beaten to the post.

We’re looking forward to entering many more awards and hopefully next time we’ll go one better.

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