National White Chocolate Cheesecake Day

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Now. Then guys, how the devil I you, well, excellent, me too. Thank you very much for asking.

Welcome to national white chocolate cheesecake day as a mouth full and a half, isn’t it? And I could deal with one now though. Nice cup of coffee, white chocolate, cheesecake, maybe some raspberries on the side. This isn’t a food blogger by the way. This is just what I’m quite fancy in that. That is very moment in time. Anyway, as we all know, there’s lots of ingredients in a cheese cake. You’ve got the base slur, you’ve got the cream cheese, you’ve got the flavoring, you’ve got way of your pot on top of it. So there’s lots of different elements to a cheese cake, and that’s the same as putting out a piece of social media. There’s lots of different elements to putting out great social media that will get good interaction as well.

You’ve got to put out a great visual that generally that goes with content. Now, it doesn’t have to be perfect, but he’s going to be great. It’s got an actually tie into the content that you’re putting out. You’ve got to put out great copy. So what is it that you’re saying? How are you trying to get it across? Is there a beginning, middle and an end or is it just all thrown together? Is that value in there is people grabbed, people are going to read it or watch that video or whatever it is going to be and get value from that content. Because what you’ve got to try and do with social media is get all those elements together to make a great piece of content so that people will interact with it, will actually share it and actually take time to actually consume it as well.

That’s the most important thing. And if you keep doing that over and over again, word will spread that you giving value in your content really good. And it’s worth consuming because people will be sharing it on a regular basis. Exactly. So if you want to think about putting together your social media content, you’ve got to start thinking about all the ingredients and how are you going to put them together. Layer upon layer upon there until you make your very delicious white chocolate cheese cake with whatever it is that you get upon the side of it.

Anyway, it’s just a short one for hopefully you got an idea of what I’m trying to get across. Hopefully got some value from this. Make sure that you get all your ingredients together, you get your story together, you get your copyright, you get your visual right. You get the value that you’re giving, right? And you’ll be on tour winner with your content until tomorrow. Thank you very much for watching and consuming this piece of content, and if you are off to go celebrate the day now, enjoy your coffee and then probably your big piece of white chocolate cheese cake. I might have to make a white chocolate cheesecake. Now I need to learn how to make a white chocolate cheese cake first. Anyway, see you tomorrow. Bye.

National Dentist Day

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Now then how you did Lynn, are you well, excellent. Me too. Thank you very much for asking. So today is national dentist’s day. A bit of an interesting one. This one, because dentists are just one of the businesses that I speak to on a regular basis who believe they cannot give value in the content that they put out on social media. Because as we should know by now, giving value is the most important part of social media. Actually helping people, helping educate them, letting them learn from your experience, your knowledge, your expertise. So if you’re not giving value, then the chances are you’re selling. And that really puts people off massively on social media. We are bombarded with sales messages all the time. So value is the place to go. But every business has a place of value that they can give even dentists. So if you’re a dentist watching this right now on national dentist day, remember you can still give value, for example, how to flush your teeth, or what is the best toothbrush for somebody with gums that bleed easily, or what’s the best toothpaste?

National Grammar Day

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All righty. Then how are you doing? This is Simon Scholes here, founder and creative director of perception studios at the award-winning visual marketing agency based in the UK. That’s my email going off. Uh, we, our brands and businesses create content that really helps them stand out on their social media via video, animation, aerial work, sometimes photography, all that kind of stuff. However, as always, I want you to be able to do stuff yourself free and on today of all days. It’s well worth chatting about this one. It’s national grandma day. Oh, it’s national grammar day. So as you know, I’m not a big fan of creating perfect content. However, grammar is quite an important one and now I am not some sort of grammar doctor goes out and picks up on everybody’s grammar on their content when they put it out. However, grammar is important. It’s fine and dandy to write your content as if the way you speak. In fact, it’s exactly how I do it. I write my content, how I speak. However, my grammar can’t be wrong.


because your grandma’s copyright. There’s too many people out there who read things as they should be read. So for example, there is the main, I’m sure you’ve all seen at some point or another. Okay. And your grandma rye is the difference between knowing your shit and knowing your shit, so

yeah, exactly. You don’t want to get it wrong because if somebody reads it in a particular way they can read it and go, wow, this person has not got a clue. So I’m going to tell you now down something like grammatically, it’s a great app, it’s free and you can pay for, if you want to put it will just pick you up on those little bits and pieces where you potentially getting something wrong in your grammar or potentially even in spelling as well. Although spelling isn’t such so much of an issue, it’s more the grammar side of things. That is a bit of an issue for most people and a, yeah, it’s well worth getting it right and for the fact that you can download a free app, a free app that can help you get it right. Why wouldn’t you? Exactly. Now, this is a really short video and a really short piece of content, but

I’m sure there’s some value there for you. There’s no, there’s nothing else to say other than get it right and we don’t always all get it right. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t get it right. If somebody picks you up on a grammatical error, change it. Don’t delete the post, just edit it. Just make it right. And then go back to the comment and just say, thanks ever so much. I missed that one. I’ve changed it. So it’s right now. People will forgive mistakes, but don’t put them in there just because you’re lazy and can’t be bothered to download an app that will probably pick you up on it anyway. Exactly. Great stuff. Right until tomorrow. Have a good, enjoying national grammar day, and I’m about to go and bring my grandma and uh, yeah, explain what I was talking about. Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye.

Dr Seuss’ Birthday

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Now then guys, how’re you diddlin? Excellent, me too. Thank you very much for asking. It is another weird day. Weather-wise, rain and sunshine and all that malarkey. However, it is also dr Seuss’s birthday had never been of a weird one as well. Let’s be honest. His stories were always fairly unusual but so cool and I always have a great message, but my favourite personally is the Grinch that stole Christmas. I know it’s probably a lot of other people’s favourites, but if you have favor, let me know what it is in the comments in the section below and maybe even why it’s your favourite as well. But anyway, it got me thinking about social media because if dr Sue said, listen to all the naysayers when you’ve released books initially and all these people going, well, your books are nonsense, they’re a bit weird. What are your stories?

All the bow or green eggs and ham or what are you talking about? Then he would probably have never written any more stories or after writing the first one. And it’s the same as social media. So many people get completely hung up on not putting our content because it’s not perfect for what they want it for. They want to put out content that’s perfect every single time and they’re scared about putting out imperfect content because they don’t want people to come onto their continent gap. Eh, you so can people troll and all that kind of stuff. But the fact of the matter is, is you’ve just got to remember these people are a little bit sad. Let’s be honest. They’ve taken their time out of their day to consume your content, whether it be a blog or a podcast, or your photographs on Instagram or tick talk or Snapchat off Facebook or LinkedIn, wherever they’re consuming your content, they’ve taken the time out of their day to consume that piece of content.

And then even more time out of the day to leave your comment to say how crap your content actually is. And I’ve spoken about trolls before, but you just need to really try and distance yourself from people who will potentially do that. The chances are you’re not going to get a troll at all. In fact, so I really wouldn’t worry about it. You’re far better off and it’s far more powerful to you right now to put out your message, start putting out content that is really going to connect you with your audience because if you’re not communicating at all on lots of different channels, then nobody can hear the value that you’ve got to give and you have to also get over the idea that your content has to be perfect. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are times when your grammar needs to be right and all that kind of stuff because let’s face it, the wrong type of your is a difference between your shit and you are shit, but we all, we’ve all seen those memes going around as to file that, so get your grammar right, but you can still write as you speak.

Just make sure your grammar is correct. Your photos don’t need to be perfect. Videos don’t need to be edited perfectly. They just need to have the value within them that your audience is going to appreciate. Remember, your content isn’t for the whole world to appreciate. Have an avatar that you aim your content out at. You want that avatar to consume your content and get value from it. If somebody else consumes it and they don’t get value, that doesn’t matter because they’re not the person you’re targeting. You have another tie. You’ve targeted them, you’ve made content specifically for them. Hopefully, they’re going to enjoy that content and get value from it. If somebody else watches it and they troll you, it doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t matter because it’s not aimed at them anyway and you’re either better off blocking them, ignoring them, or as I like to do, I just go out and kill them with kindness anyway, but whatever, it doesn’t matter about those people commenting.

It doesn’t matter about Bobby pants 99 going, Oh yeah, your content is a load of rubbish because you’re not making your content for them. You’re making your content for your audience. Just keep giving that value and keep putting the content out. Forget about it not being perfect. There are times and places for perfect looking content for great-looking content. I discussed this the other day when it’s ideal to get professional and to help you create content, but when you’re trying just to create organic content and you’re putting content out on a regular basis organically, which is what you need to do to consistently grow your audience every single day, you need content going out. You haven’t got the time to be making perfect content every single day. So instead of aiming for perfect aim for the value within the content, I’ve seen and heard some of the worst pieces of content generally visually and actually all audibly, but the value within them was absolutely knock it out of the park home run.

So what’s more important? The fact that it looks good or the content within it is really good. I’ve said this to people in the past when I’ve met them at networking events, when they’ve said to me, Oh, you’re wearing shorts and tee shirts, I wish I could do what you do and wear shorts and tee shirts. And my response is always, well why don’t you? And it’s always what my clients wouldn’t expect me to wear shorts and tee shirt. I have to wear a shirt and tie and I respond with to your clients by what it is you do and how good you are at doing it. Or do they buy the fact that you’re wearing a shirt at a time if they buy the fact that you’re wearing a shirt and a tie and don’t really care about how good you are at your job?

And the fact of the matter is, do you really want that person as a client and you need to think about your social media in the same way. Stop worrying about perfection. You don’t need to look perfect. You don’t need to sound perfect, you just need to get enough value out there. Hopefully, you’ve got some value from this as well. And if you have done, please as always, hit that subscribe button and make sure you share the content that you’re consuming right now. Everywhere. Let everybody know all about it so that everybody you know who’s running a small business or even a big business, understand what they can do themselves for free. And also we’re now and again, it’s worth spending some money as well. But mainly what they can do themselves for nothing free. Nada. My favourite four-letter word, and until tomorrow, have a Gooden and enjoy dr Seuss day. I’m off to read the cat in a hat. See tomorrow. Bye.

National Compliment Day

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Now then how are you dead, Lynn? Excellent. Me too. Thank you very much for asking. Welcome to another social media podcast. I’m Simon skulls, founder and creative director of perception studios, the award winning visual marketing agency based in the UK at helping brands and businesses create content that really helps them stand out on their social media. And now today is well compliment day. How awesome is that? So let’s have a chat about it. The social media podcast with Simon skulls, tips, hints and great content ideas. So then, well compliment day to day and there. How can that tie into your social media and the content that you’re putting out on a regular basis? Uh, well quite easily to be honest because one of the big things about social media that most people forget about is the fact that it is all about being social I. E. social on social media.

Do you reach out to you, say hello to people? Do you pass on compliments? Exactly. You could be doing this on LinkedIn, on Twitter, on Facebook. So many people putting out content. So many people who are your potential audience putting out content and yet you’re not interacting with them. So go and find them. If you know who your avatar is, you know where they hang out, go and find them. Go and say hello, right on their content. Leave them a comment, maybe a compliment, and just actually just start chatting to people. This is a really great thing to do on LinkedIn, but it can help you really grow your audience as well. On things like Twitter and on Facebook, on Instagram as well, just reaching out and actually being social on social media is so important and if he can tie into a compliment even better.

So if you love a piece of content, somebody pot out, tell them that you actually like it. Don’t just hit that like button. That doesn’t really do a lot for them. Believing a comment really actually starts to create a relationship between you and them. Really, really great. So it’s a short one, but it’s a simple one. It’s all about being social on social media. If you are struggling with that concept, then you’re going to struggle with social media all together. And it’s not just something you do now and again once a week or something like that every single day. Reach out and chat to a few people. Say self a target each day. So, for example, you say, right, I’m going to go into Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook and talk to a few people. So make that number 15 so talk to 15 people, reach out to 15 people who your target audience on Twitter or LinkedIn and on Facebook that’s 45 people in a day.

How awesome is that? There are 225 people in a five-day working week. And remember as I keep saying to you, social media doesn’t work a five-day working week. So then you can retail on a weekend as well. And those numbers really start to add up, done the 315 people in a week as a massive of people you’ve reached out to said hello, giving them a compliment written on their content and they may well do the same thing back to you as well. So that’s it. 315 new potential members of your audience. That’s 315 people who can get value from the content that you’re putting out. That’s 315 people who might potentially become a customer. So when you think of it that way, is it really that much of a hardship to take an hour out of your evening and retail to 45 different people and spend a little time just writing a message back to their content or saying hello to them or giving some value and some help?

Exactly. It’s not how bad is it? It’s a star. Being social on social media, start making a difference to other people’s content as well as your own as well. And in the meantime, go back into the living room right now after listening, listening to this and that. Go pay a compliment to one of your family members or to a friend on a text message or something like that. And until tomorrow, have a gun and yeah, thanks for listening. Bye. Oh, by the way, don’t forget if you are listening, I hit that subscribe button. That would be really nice if you’re not already subscribed, and if you have subscribed already, how about you leave a review? That would be amazing because their reviews really help the content get out further to more and more people, especially if I can rise up those iTunes charts, that would be awesome. Anyway, thanks for listening and I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye. This was a perception’s production.

It’s A Leap Year

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Melvin, how are you? Did Lynn? Excellent. Me too. Thank you very much for asking. Welcome to the social media podcast this time and another episode here to try and help you with your social media content and find out what it is that you can do for free yourself. But sometimes it does require spending money to get your brand out there a little bit further.

The social media podcast with Simon Scholes tips, hints and great content ideas. So

today, the 29th of February, traditionally the final day in February on our leap here is also traditionally the day that women are able to ask men to marry them. Not that that isn’t really allowed any other day whatsoever, but it is a tradition. So a lot of people to stick to that tradition, um, however, is slightly an unusual tradition. And, um, it got me thinking about unusual content that people make for their social media channels and how they get their brand out there and get it going further. So I want you to think about your brand, especially if you are B to C. if you sell an item, a product, how do you actually think about marketing your product? Now you can do all sorts of different things. You can create videos about your product, you can do photographs, you can write blogs about your product. If it’s got a particular, a USP, you can write about that.

You can let people know. So for example, if it’s vegan of his and not in plastic, so you don’t use any plastics in your storage or in making it, all that kind of stuff. Um, but the question is, is how do you make content that’s going to actually get people to stop and take a look? And that’s where getting a professional in actually really does make a massive, massive difference. Whether it be a photographer who’s going to take photos, you have a few of your food, but in a very specific way because they’ve got a creative idea or whether it’s coming to a video production team like us and getting us to help you create three D gifs or 360 degree content or maybe a, you want cinema graphs, which are moving photographs. It’s all about going to the right professional and getting the right team to help you create that content because there’ll be able to come up with ideas that you would probably not even known what actually potentially available to you as a business.

Maybe you were there for, they were too expensive or maybe you didn’t know they existed. Well, those professionals can help you decide what your budget is available and what you can do with that budget as well. So don’t always write off doing stuff. Don’t always just assume there’s nothing else out there is always worth having a chat with a professional. See what content they can help you create for your brand and for your business, especially when it’s coming to the fact that you’re gonna put money behind your content. If you’re going to actually pay for Facebook ads, you’re paying for Instagram story ads, you’re going to pay for LinkedIn ads are quite expensive, but get a really good return. But you need content that is actually gonna make people stop in the tracks and take a look. So if you don’t have that, then you could potentially be wasting your money.

So you don’t want to do that. So for that little bit of extra spend, why not have a chat with a professional and see what they can help you with? I’m not saying you need to spend thousands, I’m not saying you need to break the bank, but it’s always worth having a chat with somebody and seeing what they can help you with if, especially if it’s not your area of expertise. If you’re a great photographer or a great videographer, absolutely 100% do it yourself. But if you’re not and you want that type of content to really draw people in, then have a chat with a professional team, get an agency on the phone, drop them in an email and just say, look, this is my product. This is my budget. What kind of stuff can you suggest? And is there anything available from you guys?

And don’t just chat to one agency, either chat to a few. You wouldn’t do it if you were getting housework Dunwoody, Woody, you wouldn’t like have a wall built in your house. And just go for one quote and that’s it. You would get three quotes and potentially go for the middle ground one, not the cheapest one, because you can’t guarantee that’s necessarily going to be the best. But you try and find a middle ground that’s not going to cost you a small fortune and it was in with within your budget. So think about your content in exactly the same way. What do you want to achieve from your adverts? What do you want to show? And then carve out person to really help you create some great content to go with it. And then when you put it out as a Facebook ad or a LinkedIn ad or whatever you actually looking to do in your campaign, then you’ll hopefully get a really good return because it will stop people in their tracks and make them take a look. Okay. Hopefully you got some value from today. Uh, yes, I know it’s um, one about spending money, which is something I’m generally against but sometimes is actually needed. Um, anyway, like I say, hopefully you got value and until next time have a good bye. This was a perception studios production.

Sleep In Public Day

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Now. Then how the devil lay you. Well, excellent. Me too. Thank you very much for asking. Welcome to another video on national sleep in public day, a day after my own heart, 100% if there’s anybody who slept in most places, it’s me. I’ve slept on planes, trains, uh, in car parks and the park, uh, by swimming pools on the beach, you name it. I’ve slept there pretty much in public because I can sleep anywhere. Uh, but obviously on a weekend there is no time to sleep when it comes to social media. I’m going to harp on about this every weekend until it finally starts to sink in. Social media does not work a five day week. It works. A seven day week is on for 24 hours a day. He is on for 365 days a year, except when it falls over now and again. But generally it is on all the time, which means on a weekend, you cannot afford to not be a least posting a little bit to say hello to your audience and letting them know that you’re there and that you care.

National Protein Day

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Now then how the devil lie you. Well, excellent. Meaty. Thank you very much for asking. Thank you for joining me today on national protein day. What a day. Perfect day. I go to the gym whenever I can do. Obviously protein is a pretty important after a gym session, it helps them muscles recover and actually fix themselves so that venue can hit the next gym session just as hard. And uh, just as well got me thinking though. Um, and I’ve spoken about this in the past, so many people treat social media the same way as they kind of treat the gym at the start as well. Now we all should know, not that we all do treat it this way, that you don’t go to the gym and expect results straight away. Some people do expect to see results really, really quickly, but you can’t expect results really, really quickly in the gym.

You wouldn’t go to the gym workout for just one hour and expect to leave looking like Arnold swatch and I get when he did in the predator or when he won mr universe. So why would you treat any other aspects of your business in the same way we know going into the gym is going to take hard work and patience and that is the same for many different things in our life, including social media. You wouldn’t expect to put one tweet out and get loads and loads of business or have a huge audience from that one tweet. Now you might flu care by mistake and somebody might retweet it, who’s got a huge audience and you get put in front of loads and loads of people who follow you, but the chances of a fairly slim to non what it’s more than likely going to take on social media is lots of consistent hard work and plenty of patients.

So you need to treat your social media growth organically the same way as you would treat going to the gym. You wouldn’t expect results straight away. In fact, you wouldn’t expect results with within the first three or four weeks. Now you can get results depending on what you’re actually aiming to get. So for my clients when I chat to them and get them using social media, the return on investment that I want them to look for is actually a growth in their audience. Not necessarily a growth in customers who are buying what they do through that social media, just a growth in their audience. Their numbers of followers are slowly increasing and they’re getting people who actually want to interact with their content and actually people who become part of their tribe, they’re raving fans rather than just randomers who are just liking their content in the hope for a follow for follower, like for Mike.

So I want you to think seriously about your content and your social media channels and how much patience and hard work and consistency are you willing to put in because it’s not going to happen quickly. 1224 36 months is how long it’s going to take for you to build a good, strong organic audience. You can slowly but surely see those numbers going up very, very quickly. But you want get to that point where you feel you have a big enough audience so that when you talk to them, they’re listening and you could potentially sell to them as well. But don’t always sell to your audience. Just give them value and be patient and consistent with your content in the hope that it will slowly grow and you’ll slowly get a bigger and bigger tribe. Hopefully you got some value from this. And if you’re off to the gym right now, don’t forget to have your protein afterwards on national protein day and until tomorrow havea good un’

National Fairytale Day

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Okay. Now then guys, how the devil are you? Well, excellent me, you thank you very much for asking. Welcome to another video on quite an important day. Actually today is national fairy tale day. Uh, which means I’m going to have to read some stories from my little one later on. However, in conjunction with that, it got me thinking about our mission statement at my business, uh, which is every business has a story. Let us help you tell it. And it got me thinking about your content and what story are you telling with your content. So many people still have this scattergun approach to their content, just posting anything on any day, on any channel, not really knowing what they’re trying to achieve or anything like that. And it’s so important knowing what you’re trying to achieve with your content fairytales, have a full story. They take you through the whole story and you are ready to consume it because you’re tied into the story, you’re tied into the characters and it takes you all the three through to the very end and usually has some sort of action point, whether it’s be kind to each other or don’t judge a book by its cover, all that kind of stuff in a fairy tale.

However, when it comes to your content, the story or the thing at the end is the value that you’re giving, the stuff that you’re doing to help the people who are consuming your content. So how are you telling your story? What is the beginning, middle, and end of your content? What are you posting on a regular basis? But most importantly, do you know what you’re posting about? It’s nice to have that level of being able to just throw stuff out now and again, but also you need structure to your content every single week as well so that your audience doesn’t get confused with everything that you’re posting. Because if you’re posting about different things all the time, and it’s very confusing to an audience member, but if you’re posting about for a week something specific to your business and the value that you’re giving, then they’re able to get that value, understand it over the next seven days, and then move onto the next subject matter.

So when you’re making content, think about the story that you are telling within your content, whether it be a piece of written content, a piece of video content, a podcast, even when it comes to putting content on Instagram, you can tell, still even tell a story via the description box. Underneath the long form piece of content that you’re writing could still be your story. So just keep thinking about how you’re going to get your audience engaged. Take them from the beginning all the way through to the end of your content, keep them engaged, and then hopefully even get them to interact with your content as well. So hopefully you’ve got some value from this. You’re going to have to go away and start thinking about your content and potentially how you’re going engage your audience. All the way through the piece of content that you’re creating.

Not saying you have to tell a story every single time, but just think about your content as a story. How are you going to start it? How, what’s the stuff that’s going to be in the middle of your content and what’s going to draw them all the way through to the end of the video, written photos, podcasts, all those kinds of things. It could be a 62nd piece of content, could be a 60 minute piece of content, but no matter what, you still want them to take in all of that content. You want them to actually digest everything and actually watch you all rather than just watch five minutes and then be done and dusted in a 60 minute piece of content. So yeah, as I say, hopefully you got value from this. If you’re brand new, please do hit that subscribe button. It’d be really cool videos every single day on lots of different subject matters that will hopefully help you take your brand to the next level. Take you from being known locally to be known nationally anyway, until tomorrow, have a good one. Bye.

Jif Lemon Day

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Now. Then how the devil are you. Well, excellent too. Thank you very much for asking or welcome to another video ad. Today is all about Shrove Tuesday because obviously it’s pancake day making pancakes. We all know why we do it. We’re claiming the fridge of all the crap so that we can do well for lent unless of course you’re like me and you’re giving nothing up for the next 40 days cause I’m perfect. Anyway, moving on. I wanted to talk to you about a piece of content that really ties well into Shrove Tuesday and pancake day and this is the kind of stuff you need to be thinking about potentially doing with your brand and your business as well. Who remembers here? If you’re of a certain age, we’ll do the TV adverts for our little plastic lemon friends, CIF lemons. Do you remember the advert? In fact, a lot of people still call pancake day this because of this particular Advair Jif lemon day. Have a check out of this


Don’t forget the pancakes on Jiff lemon Danny, so they have it.

There was an advert for a little, a little orange lemon, no, a little yellow lemon with lemon juice in there that caused people to call pancake day Jif lemon day. And so I want you to think about content for your brand in the same way as they were thinking about pancake day for Jif lemons. How can you tie your content into voice happening on a specific day in the year, what events are happening throughout the year? This is why I do all these daily videos, this daily content that goes on podcasts and on memes and non video because it’s all connected to daily events that people are searching for on a regular basis. So when they’re searching for it, there’s a chance they might come across your content as well and get some real value from it. So I want you to start thinking about what daily events are happening.

I’ve got to put some links to uh, calendars that I use. I’ll put them down in the section below so you can go check those out. But look for events that are tying your business into different things. Few years ago, I was working with somebody who was a leadership coach. I mean went through their entire year’s marketing. And then we got to the very end and they asked, when should I start? And the honest answer was the next day if possible because the next day was may the fourth star Wars day, if you know what I’m talking about. So star Wars day on may the fourth and they were a bit confused. And I said, well, I want you to write a blog about how the architect of the death star missed the weakness of the death star because daft ADA was a crappy boss. And that’s how you need to start thinking about your content.

How can you tie different things back into your business so that it actually really works for you? So could you have done something with national Tati a day or national dog biscuit day or like two day Schwab Tuesday or like tomorrow’s national day. So take a look at the calendar, see what you can tie your content back into. And if you’re not willing to do like daily content like I’m currently doing, well, why don’t I do weekly content? That is the ideal way to start. You start off with one piece of content and you can make that into lots of different things like I mentioned on national tortilla day, and the most important thing is, is you’re making content on one subject matter. So you’re not Scattergood in your approach with your marketing. So try and enjoy your pancake day, your Jeff lemon day, and as you do, just remember, you go look at some calendars, you’re going to get some content ideas together, and you can put a plan together so that you know what you’re talking about week on week, month on month, year on year. Start making that content and start making it work harder for you. But most importantly, tie back into events that are happening because that will really make that content a little bit more easier for you to make and also easier for people to find if they’re searching for it until tomorrow. Thanks for watching. See you then. Bye.