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Now. Then how the devil are you? Excellent. Me too. Thank you very much for asking. I’m Simon Scholes, founder and creative director of perception studios, the award winning visual marketing agency and as always on a daily basis and wanted to talk to you about some of the stuff that you can do yourselves for free or potentially with a small cost attached, which is what today is all about because I’m going to tat to you about the fact that it is national tug of war day and on a day like today where it’s raining and horrible outside, the last thing you want to be doing is playing a tug of war, but on a daily basis, especially if you work in marketing in your brand or in your business right now, and you have this tug of war between whether you should spend money on social media or not really bother.

I was chatting to a business this morning. They don’t have a great social media presence at all, so we’re going to be working on that with them. But also in the past they have done Facebook adverts and they’ve not worked so they no longer spend any money online apart from some specific websites that are very industry specific to them. And as much as I can see the point in that and using those websites, I also asked how much information that gone away and learn about Facebook advice and actually put the effort into understanding what they were doing and they hadn’t, all they’d done really is actually boost posts on their Facebook page in the hope that it would do something for them. And the fact of the matter is is basically when you actually looked into it, they just boosted it to everybody. And so they were getting the whole world to see their advert and it hadn’t been specific and hadn’t really niche down.

So as I say to most people, I had to say to them, it’s not Facebook ads that don’t work. It’s just you’ve got it wrong. And this is generally the case for most people. Facebook ads are still, although they’re coming up in price and getting closer to to like Google at the moment, they’re still under price. They’re still really worth doing, but you’ve got to get them right and you’ve got to get the content that goes with them. Right as well. You can really be very specific with your content. We’ve also social media channels back in the day, obviously you can only create one message because you’re trying to save money. You didn’t want to have loads and loads of newspaper adverts all in the same newspaper saying different things because you couldn’t do that because they weren’t that deliver. Say for example, I’m from hold, they would deliver to Beverly, which is a suburb of hole and then they would deliver the same newspaper to care Keller, which is another suburb of whole two completely different audiences, but the same piece of content would go out to both of them.

Nowadays, you can be specific. You can actually be different to those two audiences, even though there are only 10 minutes down the road because you know the people in Beverly, my like one product and the people that [inaudible] might like had other products and so you need to think about what you can do with your business that actually would help you create content specific to the people that you’re trying to talk to. And you can do this, but only if you understand how the platforms advertising products actually work. Now, this is where spending a bit of money is going to come into play because not only does your content have to be engaging enough and look good enough to actually draw the audience in. So hire a professional photographer, video team, copywriter, whatever it takes. If you’re not one of those people and what you, the photos you take on the content you create isn’t quite good enough, then hire somebody in to help you to do it.

The money you spend might be a spend, but you’re more likely to make the money back eventually, especially when, then you also take the time, either 40 or 50 hours learning how that particular platform’s advertising product works, or again, you spend some money hiring a professional. It might cost you a few thousand pounds, but in the long run, how much is your product worth? If your product is worth five or 600 pounds, you only need to really sell three or four of those things and you’ve paid for the video and potentially the advertising all in one go and you’ve already got those. Those campaigns is that in place and you can keep running them and get more customers in so you can really get a great return on investment. Too many people look at the cost of a product and don’t do it because there’s a cost of the product rather than looking at the end result, which is the cost of the product could bring them 10 times the cost of that product.

We all do it. It’s not a bad thing. We have all done it in the past, but when you’re running a business, you need to think about the fact that okay, the video is going to cost us 2000 pounds, but having that video and that the good advertising that’s leased out and properly campaign behind it will bring us in 20,000 so really is that 2000 such an issue in the long run and you need to think about it this way, but if you don’t understand the platforms, it’s probably not going to work for you. You might flu kit but it’s not likely. So that’s why you need to think about getting into professional professionals really will help you get it all absolutely right from being the content getting done correctly. So they’ll help you plan out the content, brief it, they’ll film it or edit it.

Don’t make it into short form content. I’ll make it fit the platform that you are making it for rather than just being a generic piece of content that can go everywhere, which I know most of us have to do because we don’t have the time to create specific content every time. When it comes to creating organic content, but when you’re putting money behind it, you want your content to be specific to the platform. So you don’t want a big widescreen to video going out on something like Facebook where square will work better or you don’t want the wrong type of video going out on LinkedIn because actually on LinkedIn and on Facebook actually quite a lot as well. People don’t turn the phones to what the content, they still watching a landscape viewpoint. So what could you do differently to make it work for those different platforms?

Are you making it square and so on and so forth. So just be aware that if you are going to put the money behind content and you are going to start spending money on advertising and selling a product, it’s best to get professionals into help unless you’re willing to put the effort in to letting how to do these things properly. And I know there’s a cost attached and I know we don’t all have money to spend straight away and that’s where the tug of war comes in on tug of war day. But you have to have that tug of war of is the 2000 pounds spent worth it? If I’m going to make 15 grand, of course it is. You’re going to make a 13,000 pound profit but you’ve got to start at that took a war in your head or you still got to have that took a war with your brand manager or with your CEO or the managing director or the marketing director or what have you.

If you’re going to them with this idea of I want to make this piece of content, I need to get some pros into film it and then I need to get somebody who’s a professional to put the advertising campaign together on X platform because I don’t understand it enough and that’s just the way it is. You want to start marketing, but you might not understand how to make Facebook ad manager work for you or LinkedIn sales manager work for you. LinkedIn is so awesome in the moment and again, expensive but under priced, which is, I know it goes against each other, but trust me it’s really, really good, but you need to get the right platform for you, the right content for you. Yeah, so you can see where the tug of war really comes in. So hopefully you’ve got a bit of value from this.

I know I’ve not really given you any answers, but you just need to start thinking a little bit more about actually hiring a professional and also where are you going to put this advertising as well. There are lots of different platforms are doing lots of different types of advertising. I’m not going to go on and on and on about this, but for example, is radio really the best product for you? If you are a national brand too, you really want to have a localized Advair or would you be better off having an advert created and put it on Spotify? It’s thinking about things like that or even sponsoring a podcast that is talking about what you sell or at least it’s connected to what you sell. And then it goes to a really huge audience. It’s just thinking a little bit cleverly about how you’re going to spend your money and where are you going to put that advertise expended.

How are you going to do it anyway? If you need any help, as always, drop your comments below. I’ll try and answer as many questions as I possibly can do, and if you need any one to one stuff, then we can always chat about that as well. But the most important thing is you get some value from this. And even though, like I say, there’s not really a solution or an answer to your questions. Hopefully, at least you kind of understand a little bit more about the fact that actually spending a bit of money is not a bad thing if it needs to be spent. Okay. Thanks for watching. And until tomorrow when there’s another national day, I don’t know what it is yet. I’ll have to go check. Oh. Um, I’ll say goodbye have a good un’. Bye.