So yes, it’s Monday, it’s the start of a brand new week, potentially fresh new content.  So, are you starting your week the way you mean to carry on, with prepared content that helps you with structure and knowing exactly what you’re going to be speaking about this week?

That’s the whole point of planning.  You don’t see any successful brands muddying the waters with their content, they speak about the same thing, the same campaigns across the board.  What’s in print is on tv and on the radio….i.e. IKEA right now speaking about bedrooms, this will change with their next campaign change.

So, if it works for the big boys, why wouldn’t it work for your smaller brand/business……exactly, it would work. You just need more than 4 campaigns across the year, so as a small business, look at creating 52 campaigns over the year, or, 52 blogs through the year. 

The blogs will help open the door to more content for you, and also keep your website fresh on a weekly basis, so when Google sends out their spiders to check on websites, they see yours being updated on a regular basis with relevant content people give a damn about and want to digest, that’s well SEO’d (using apps like Yoast etc) and distributed across multiple channels.

So yes, it’s the start of a brand new week… maybe, if you’ve not already started, it’s the chance and time for you to really put some structure into your content so you stop scatter-gunning, stop confusing your audience, and really start preaching one message across all your channels of content.

If you want to chat more about planning your content, drop me a line or book in a skype call with me on this site.

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