So, you can’t have escaped the news over the last few weeks of the ever-changing landscape of the UK High Street.

From the likes of Toys R’Us closing down internationally, Pound Land talking about being in trouble, House Of Fraser closing over 50% of their stores, M&S being in dire straights, and looking to close over 100 of their stores within the next 3 years, and these are to name just a few.  Add into the mix, small local businesses who can’t survive due to high business rates in small towns and the high street is emptying out faster than Stamford Bridge when Chelsea are losing to Sunderland.

It still surprises me too when you see the CEO of brands like this, on the news, saying it’s time to start looking at the digital market.  Getting their website in line and infrastructure working better.


We’re in 2018, and you think now is the right time to start looking at digital more intensely for your brand.

Taking M&S as an example.

They have almost 800K followers on their Instagram account, yet, one photo just after their closure announcement had only had 1500 interactions in the space of 19 hours.  When your brand is so far out of whack, having numbers is not a solution.  I would rather have 1500 followers and 1000 likes on a photo than have those type of numbers, that are so far out of whack the algorithms on Instagram will push you further down peoples lists meaning your content is rarely seen, and this you see is the issue.  These large brands believe because of who they are they’ll be able to just drop into the digital age within a couple of weeks.

Just browse through some of the larger more established brands who you’d never expect to see on social media.  They’ll either have no content at all, or almost 100% of their content will be badly produced, and totally sales based, rather than giving the consumer value with their content.

I know value is something I preach about a lot, especially when you’re a smaller business and nobody really gives a damn about your content, so you need to entice them in.  However, larger brands and businesses could learn a thing or two from this process too.  Why would you not want to build a brand with raving fans, people who’ll spread your message far and wide, love your content and want all their friends to know about you?

Brands like M&S, House of Fraser, really need to look at re-inventing themselves for a younger market.  They have the money to help speed the process up a little, but, they seriously need to consider their content, and actually who they’re selling too, as right now, the people they’re talking too are not the right ones…..otherwise, they’d be spending.  They need to look at taking a younger slant on their content and brand, aiming at people my age to be honest and taking a leaf out of their food marketing, which is hitting people hard, and creating them a strong business model going forward.  Everything looks incredible and has a style that people associate with M&S.

So, when it comes to your own business, especially if you’re a shop looking to build your brand, the thing to remember is the value concept.  Give value with your content, adding to your brand.  Build the online presence of your business through simple time managed concepts.  For example, I suggest people make two pieces of content and use that to speak to a much larger audience through re-purposing of the content, and most importantly for smaller businesses, and even the big guys too…’s FREE to do, with hard work and patience.

If you’d like to discuss more, just drop me a line [email protected] and we can talk on skype or email.

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