However, how many times have you read a testimonial message on a website from “Barry, in Basingstoke” and wondered…….does Barry even exist? Of course, you’d like to believe people wouldn’t lie about people loving their product or business.

However, what about if the person leaving the testimonial is talking directly to you? That’s what you can do yourselves with a simple video, like this

Not every video you release has to be a high value, huge production video. Of course, if you want your testimonial videos from clients to look and sound great we’d be more than happy to film them for you.

However, you’ve more than likely got the perfect video camera in your back pocket right now. Every smart phone is very capable of creating an HD video testimonial video with average audio (depending on background noise).

Buy a basic tripod and mobile phone fitting and you can have a nice steady shot too. Make sure you top and tail the video (remove any unwanted video from the front and back end of the file), and upload the video to your youtube channel.

To make it look even better, we can help with editing, improvement of colours, audio and we can add in into and outro slates with your contact details on it, to create a great CALL TO ACTION for your business.