Going live and creating video is one of the biggest things for a business right now. Jump on to linked in and you’ll see videos from every business, from will writers, accountants, property experts through to florists. It’s all there, and it’s all giving you great value.

However, one aspect of video that people tend to struggle with is talking too your audience rather than at them. When you can’t see a person, or you’re constantly waiting for a reaction from the audience you can really struggle to make a connection with the audience.

When I worked in radio this was one of the first things said to me during my first EVER snoop. My boss sat me down, went through the tape of my first few shows and told me, I need to find a way to connect with the listener, they want the person speaking to them to be their mate, someone they’re getting something from, someone they’d be happy to go for a pint with.

I had to find a way to create this connection with the audience and me. I did this in a really simple way, I sat a teddybear behind the microphone on the windowsill and spoke to him. Now, he’s never going to respond to the things I’m saying (that’d be really scary if he did), but, it did help me massively create that connection between the audience and I, and it clicked for me to speak too them not at them.

So, when you want to speak to your audience on video, stick something behind the main lens you’re speaking too, be it a teddybear, a photo of your partner or maybe your best friend, just someone or something you have a connection with.

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