This weekend I was heading north to catch up with some old friends from my time working in radio. It was the annual Viking FM re-union in Leeds. As it happened, due to circumstances beyond my control (an 8-hour drive to get to Hull) I wasn’t able to make it, but, the reunion did get me thinking about a subject matter I’ve spoken about in the past…….HOW TO TALK TO, NOT AT YOUR AUDIENCE.

This is a super important skill to master, especially when you’re doing live video content if you end up talking at your audience, it becomes uncomfortable, and the emotional connection between you and them ends up being none existent and they don’t really become raving fans either.

So, why did the re-union remind me of this skillset….well, in radio, as a presenter you have snoops. This is when the boss sits down and gets you to go through your shows and picks them apart telling you what’s good and what’s bad. The main feedback from my first ever snoop was to talk to not at the audience. I had to find a way to do this, and my way was speaking to a soft toy I placed behind the microphone on the window sill, I stood talking to him and helped break down that invisible barrier of not being able to see my audience. I felt an instant improvement.

Now, I suggest this tool to my customers, usually as a photograph or their partner or best friend, and talk to that. As long as it’s placed directly behind their camera lens, then the connection will be made between you and the audience, and, it’ll help you talk to someone watching like you would talk to your mates down the pub in an evening.

If you want to get more tips, or just chat about your social media, drop me a line (link in my profile) and I’ll be happy to speak to you.

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