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So, GDPR, it’s coming whether we like it or not, and just a few hours ago I was surfing my social media and stumbled across a very interesting LinkedIn post. It spoke all about GDPR and what they saw as a huge issue for many small and large businesses who relied on email.




working hardOh boy, oh boy, this is something I hear a lot from people when I speak to them about their social content and chat about my process of:

Write A Blog

Bullet Point It

Do A Live Video

Re-Purpose the live video into multiple pieces of content that allow your followers to digest your content in their own way i.e. short form video, podcast, short-form audio, memes, etc. etc.




This is, without doubt, the line you’ve been hearing for the last few months from every single social media marketer about, and honestly, I’m not going to sugar coat it for you, yes you should be doing them. So…..let’s talk blogs. (more…)



Hi, I’m Simon Scholes, the creative director and founder of Perception Studios.

So, something I hear a lot from people is “I’ve already got a video” or my personal favourite “Video just doesn’t work for us”.  Now as much as these statuses could be potentially true, they’re more than likely not.  As I mentioned in my previous blog, we speak to many brands and businesses who have had an all singing and dancing video created, but, they haven’t put it too good use, and herein lies the first lesson of the day “A VIDEO WILL NOT BRING YOU BUSINESS ON IT’S OWN”. (more…)



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2015 is now long gone and was another banner year in the world of online marketing. The new, more proactive customer has very rightly forced marketers to explore innumerable innovative ideas in terms of how they promote themselves and communicate with their audience. (more…)


Is your business thinking about video marketing?  Here’s what you can expect from it when you go ahead.

video production
The importance of Video to your brand

1. Video analytics and attribution will take the lead

Data-driven marketing is all the rage, and new marketing technologies have made it possible to track the digital interactions of online audiences and measure the performance of marketing programs. This trend will continue in 2015 as marketers look to extract greater insights from their marketing systems to improve results.

As video becomes a more prominent part of the marketing mix, video analytics will become extremely important—and extremely valuable.

Modern video marketing platforms now offer the ability to track much more than just view counts. Marketers can gain insight into actual audience engagement and average drop-off rates for their videos, as well as how each video is contributing to lead generation and revenue.

2. Video has become a strategic tool for lead generation and qualification

Videos can easily become an active lead-generation tool. Adding an email gate to the start of your video or a lead collection form to the end allows you to create new, well-qualified leads who are interested in your content.

But what’s even more compelling is the use of video-viewing data to better score, segment, and qualify your leads.

By tracking video viewing activities of your prospects, you can gain better insight into who your hottest leads are and you can increase your conversion velocity, and as video becomes an increasingly important part of your website and content marketing programs, tracking video interactions will be critical.

3. The play button makes an amazing call to action

How do we know that audiences prefer video content over other formats? We have the data to prove it. Survey after survey supports it.

Some 65% of viewers watch more than three-quarters of a given video, according to Invodo. Any content marketer would be thrilled with that kind of readership for a piece of text. Moreover, more than 70% of marketing professionals report that video converts better than any other medium.

Video content is a surefire way to increase click-through and digital conversions rates, and marketeers are starting to take notice.

Simply put, the play button has become the strongest call to action on the internet.

4. Use of video analytics as part of marketing automation and CRM will increase

Although more than 70% of marketers report that video converts better than other content types, a lot less than this are actually using video analytics to enhance lead qualification and customer insights, in fact it’s almost as low as 10%.

As more marketers use video to attract and engage their audiences, they’ll quickly want to start collecting video analytics within their marketing automation and CRM platforms to turn data into results.

That step is critical to maximizing the value of video. It’s what gives you the comprehensive insight into how prospects interact with the brand across multiple channels throughout the buying journey, and it also enables them to start reporting on video’s impact on lead generation, pipeline development, and closed revenue.

5. YouTube will be a complement, not the focus

YouTube and Vimeo are great channels for distributing videos. They can help you increase your reach and attract new audiences. But they shouldn’t not be the only places you look to distribute your content.

To find out more about what video can bring to your business, email [email protected]


Size Doesn’t Matter – A YouTube Documentary


Indiegogo Campaign



A Perception Studios Production:

Perception are renowned as an award winning film company who create short corporate videos to increase brand reach and awareness for businesses locally, nationally and internationally.  They’ve worked with brands such as Konami, Mountain Dew and Bednest but are going back to their first love of telling a story.


In 2005 one of the worlds most used websites was created by 3 former employees of Paypal.  Welcome to a home for you to create and upload your own content.

Since that date youtube has become a worldwide phenomenon with over 300 hours of content uploaded to the site every single minute.

Simon Scholes of Perception studios said “I began doing my daily vlog in 2011. I’ve always wanted to talk to more people about why they make their content, especially since the arrival of networks and an opportunity for every single creator to earn money from their videos is it just for the money or the true passion of being creative or simple opening their hearts to a camera to get things off their chest”

We will create a documentary about this exactly, speaking to people all around the UK, Europe and America to say “SIZE DOESN’T MATTER” when it comes to being passionate about creating excellent and compelling video content.

So many creators around the world make their content because of the pure love for being creative.  They make animations, game play throughs, comedy sketches, daily vlogs and much much more and we want to tell their story.


This is an opportunity to shine a light on the community who make youtube what it is today and not just increase the audience of the bigger guys who pay the bills like previous and current film projects being made.

What Will You See On Screen

The idea of the film is to tell it from a single small creators point of view (Simon Scholes).  He will be the one constant throughout the film talking to the creators and telling the story as they go along their journey meeting these people on film.

It will be told in a daily vlog type way (hand held talking to camera) with professionally filmed interviews interspacing the story telling of the documentary.

We want the final film to have a professional feel but over all still tell a story the YOUTUBE way.

Intended audience

We’re looking to hit the current demographic of the creators we’ll be filming.  So as long as they have an interest in online video content, this will range from 12 / 13 years old, through to 65. This is obviously and exceptionally large number of people will hopefully find an interest in the film.


The project is going to be spread across an entire year.  This will give me an opportunity to arrange face to face interviews with content creators around the world.

Starting in the UK & Ireland we’ll take a road trip to sit down an talk with a number of individuals over a period of time.

We’ll then take the project into Europe to speak to the international community, before we head across the atlantic to attend a convention and speak to more people about their love for youtube but also more smaller creators.

We will need for this trip to cover the costs of fuel, hotels, flights and equipment purchasing (Canon G7X, flight cases) and equipment shipping costs (or rental as it might be in America).

This documentary is being done as a passion and not a profit earner so everything will be done to a basic (tight) budget which currently comes in at around £7000, but this will truly depend on the interviewees and their locations.

Thankfully we can cover a number of interviews off at one time, in America.

Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help:

Do you know someone who’d be interested in being interviewed for the project, or better still would you like to be involved?

Get in touch and let me know.

[email protected]

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