It’s something I hear a lot from people when it comes to starting on their journey of social media. Growing quickly isn’t easy, and certainly not if you’re looking for meaningful metrics on each of your channels.  However, you could get your brand in front of a new audience easily with simple collaborations.

What’s collaboration ?

Great question, and it’s an easy one to answer.  This is your opportunity to work with someone else in your field, or from outside of it to create content that could appeal to both your audiences, and it can be done across every single form of content you should be creating.  That content then introduced you both to a completely new audience and if they find value in what you talk about they’ll also become your raving fan too.


This is a chance to mutually write a piece of content on a specific subject matter.  This would usually work better with someone in the same field of work as you, and someone you have a good relationship with already.  That way you can meet, or skype etc. and chat through the concept of the blog itself.

I.E. You’re both accountants, and you’re writing a piece entitled “The 10 things you thought you could claim for, but you can’t”.  You each write 5 of them and then check over each other’s work.

Once you’ve got the completed blog, this needs to go on just one of the sites rather than both, as Google isn’t a big fan of duplicated content on different sites, so this way you can write two pieces together (one for each site) The idea is your audience will be introduced to a new creator, and his or her audience will be introduced to you when they push the content on their social media channels.


This is a brilliant way to collaborate with other creators. When you’re doing a Facebook Live video on your mobile, you have an option to invite someone in for an interview, this is a great chance to sit down and find out about someone else, how their business works, perhaps ties into your business.  Once you’ve completed the facebook live you’ve got the option to also re-purpose this video just like you can do with your content now.

I.E. Short-form video (1-minute chunks taken from the interview for other social channels), take the audio off the facebook live to create an interview based podcast.


You could create a specific podcast with interviews. The way I do this is on Skype using an excellent piece of software called ECAMM.  It can record the audio from your Skype interviews so you have an MP3 copy of the call to edit using your software of choice and put out as a podcast.

This can be published online to sites such as SoundCloud or Spreaker.

How do I find people

I’ve spoken about this in previous blogs and facebook live videos I’ve done.  One of, if not the most underutilised tool on social media is SEARCH.  Every single social channel has an opportunity for you to search for people.  You could search for people in your sector to interview and reach out, you could use search to find people who’ve done something similar in the past to what you do and speak to them, or even speak to other local businesses and start a conversation.  The point is, use search and DM’s as a touch point, start a conversation and then reach out, would you be interested in being on my podcast, or even better, find people doing podcasts already and offer to be interviewed for their podcast if they’d be interested. DON’T WAIT FOR PEOPLE TO COME TO YOU, you have to get off your butt and start reaching out and making those connections.  My recent podcast with Sonny Tee spoke about this in the format of influencer marketing, but, it could be implemented to being on a person’s podcast or facebook live too.

So, now you’ve got the tools and the ideas, all you need to do is start reaching out to the right people and asking if they’d like to collaborate with you.  Do it on a regular basis, my interview podcast goes out every single Friday and is an opportunity to talk to a brand new audience every single time. So get yours into a schedule and people will tune in to see or read, or hear the content.

Have fun, good luck, and if you’d ever like to chat more about this or any other subject, book some time with me on skype or drop me a line on [email protected]



Amazing Shots In Football


So, today June 14th, the biggest football tournament in the world kicks off in Russia.  We’ll all spend the next few weeks thinking this could be the year England finally go further than the last 16 and then get super cheesed off when they don’t.


FINALLY……I’ve Found The Magic Pill

That’s right, you read the title correctly, I’ve found the magic pill for business


Let me go back to last night.  I was at a networking event that will remain un-named.

I was in a room full of people looking for that one magic pill answer that would make them rich beyond their dreams, but, without having to really do any hard work at all to get it.




If you haven’t started to invest in video content for your online marketing strategy, you’re missing out on some huge reach and lead generation opportunities. When a video goes “viral,” its popularity grows exponentially through the social media world, drawing thousands of viewers to the creator’s channel unbelievably quickly. (more…)

How Can Video Help My Business?

There are so many ways video marketing can help businesses. Traditionally, video commercials have been overly expensive for companies to produce, and even if they could, actually getting it out there in front of an audience would have been beyond their financial means.

That is no longer the case, thanks to the internet and sites like YouTube. (more…)



Written by:

2015 is now long gone and was another banner year in the world of online marketing. The new, more proactive customer has very rightly forced marketers to explore innumerable innovative ideas in terms of how they promote themselves and communicate with their audience. (more…)


As creators of content,

we understand the power of taking your message and creating a brand around it. Sometimes this can be done in one slightly longer film, talking about your story and future wants / needs.

Other times, regular content is the key.

This is why we’re happy to be working with a couple of brands through 2016, helping them to create regular content to increase their brand reach and re-iterate the message behind that.

Viewers on formats such as YouTube etc enjoy viewing content on a regular schedule. So if you’re looking to create content for your brand there are a few rules to remember, to ensure the audience stick with you and grows.

1. Only create films about what you’re passionate about. Would you want to sit and watch someone talking about something they’re not really that bothered about?



2. Create a filming schedule, and stick to it. People like to know what’s coming, giving them a schedule allows them to look out for your content in their subscription feed.



3. Don’t leave in mistakes. These will only draw away from your main aim (to be a go to expert in your field).




4. Remember the 5 second rule. A great entertaining video must grab someones attention in just 5 seconds



5. Over time, keep an eye on your analytics and retention times, if people are dropping off after 4 minutes, then you know you need to keep your films shorter and more succinct. Word economy is a big problem for most people, so don’t use 20 words when 5 will say the same message.

If you’d like to talk to us about how video and regular content could help your business and brand, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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However, how many times have you read a testimonial message on a website from “Barry, in Basingstoke” and wondered…….does Barry even exist? Of course, you’d like to believe people wouldn’t lie about people loving their product or business.

However, what about if the person leaving the testimonial is talking directly to you? That’s what you can do yourselves with a simple video, like this

Not every video you release has to be a high value, huge production video. Of course, if you want your testimonial videos from clients to look and sound great we’d be more than happy to film them for you.

However, you’ve more than likely got the perfect video camera in your back pocket right now. Every smart phone is very capable of creating an HD video testimonial video with average audio (depending on background noise).

Buy a basic tripod and mobile phone fitting and you can have a nice steady shot too. Make sure you top and tail the video (remove any unwanted video from the front and back end of the file), and upload the video to your youtube channel.

To make it look even better, we can help with editing, improvement of colours, audio and we can add in into and outro slates with your contact details on it, to create a great CALL TO ACTION for your business.


We’ve been quiet on the blog lately, but, we’ve been busy bee’s behind the scenes here at Perception Studios.

We’ve been working with some exciting clients, including the team over at M-Four Promotions in Reading.  They approached us to help them create videos to talk about their amazing range of promotional products.


Over the last few weeks we’ve been with them to Ignite (an industry trade event) to speak to their different suppliers and creators about their products and have created some great bespoke videos for the team to use on their email campaigns, all introduced by the team at M-Four.

Keep your eyes peeled on the M-Four website and social media to make sure you don’t miss their new content, coming soon.

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