Sticky Bun Day

(The following is a rough transcript of the below video)

Now then how the devil are you? Well, excellent. Me too. Thank you very much for asking. Thank you very much for joining me on national sticky bond day. Who would not want to celebrate that day. Yeah, exactly. And an as always, I want to try and tie this back into your content, your brand, your business, use social media. And uh, I thought I would tie this one into LinkedIn because something I’ve been getting a lot of lately is people sending me requests to connect and either in their request, they’re sending to me, or the minute that I press accept on the request to connect, they’re sending me a sales message on the DMS. What are you thinking?

What’s Stopping You Doing A Live Video?


I speak to 100’s of people every single month, and one question I ask everyone is, have you ever done a live video? Almost 80% of the people I ask haven’t ever done a live video or did it once and it didn’t bring them any business so they’ve not done it again.