National Fairytale Day

(The following is a rough transcript of the below video)

Okay. Now then guys, how the devil are you? Well, excellent me, you thank you very much for asking. Welcome to another video on quite an important day. Actually today is national fairy tale day. Uh, which means I’m going to have to read some stories from my little one later on. However, in conjunction with that, it got me thinking about our mission statement at my business, uh, which is every business has a story. Let us help you tell it. And it got me thinking about your content and what story are you telling with your content. So many people still have this scattergun approach to their content, just posting anything on any day, on any channel, not really knowing what they’re trying to achieve or anything like that. And it’s so important knowing what you’re trying to achieve with your content fairytales, have a full story. They take you through the whole story and you are ready to consume it because you’re tied into the story, you’re tied into the characters and it takes you all the three through to the very end and usually has some sort of action point, whether it’s be kind to each other or don’t judge a book by its cover, all that kind of stuff in a fairy tale.

However, when it comes to your content, the story or the thing at the end is the value that you’re giving, the stuff that you’re doing to help the people who are consuming your content. So how are you telling your story? What is the beginning, middle, and end of your content? What are you posting on a regular basis? But most importantly, do you know what you’re posting about? It’s nice to have that level of being able to just throw stuff out now and again, but also you need structure to your content every single week as well so that your audience doesn’t get confused with everything that you’re posting. Because if you’re posting about different things all the time, and it’s very confusing to an audience member, but if you’re posting about for a week something specific to your business and the value that you’re giving, then they’re able to get that value, understand it over the next seven days, and then move onto the next subject matter.

So when you’re making content, think about the story that you are telling within your content, whether it be a piece of written content, a piece of video content, a podcast, even when it comes to putting content on Instagram, you can tell, still even tell a story via the description box. Underneath the long form piece of content that you’re writing could still be your story. So just keep thinking about how you’re going to get your audience engaged. Take them from the beginning all the way through to the end of your content, keep them engaged, and then hopefully even get them to interact with your content as well. So hopefully you’ve got some value from this. You’re going to have to go away and start thinking about your content and potentially how you’re going engage your audience. All the way through the piece of content that you’re creating.

Not saying you have to tell a story every single time, but just think about your content as a story. How are you going to start it? How, what’s the stuff that’s going to be in the middle of your content and what’s going to draw them all the way through to the end of the video, written photos, podcasts, all those kinds of things. It could be a 62nd piece of content, could be a 60 minute piece of content, but no matter what, you still want them to take in all of that content. You want them to actually digest everything and actually watch you all rather than just watch five minutes and then be done and dusted in a 60 minute piece of content. So yeah, as I say, hopefully you got value from this. If you’re brand new, please do hit that subscribe button. It’d be really cool videos every single day on lots of different subject matters that will hopefully help you take your brand to the next level. Take you from being known locally to be known nationally anyway, until tomorrow, have a good one. Bye.