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National White Chocolate Cheesecake Day

(The following is a rough transcript of the video below) Now. Then guys, how the devil I you, well, excellent, me too. Thank you very much for asking. Welcome to national white chocolate cheesecake day as a mouth full and a half, isn’t it? And I could deal with one now though. Nice cup of…
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National Tortilla Day

(The following is a rough draft of the below video) Now. Then how the devil are you? Well, excellent. Me too. Thank you very much for asking. Today is national national even easy for me to say tortilla chip day a day for eating salty chips. So let’s have a look at how that might…
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Random Acts Of Kindness

(The following is a transcript of the below video) Now. Then how the devil I you. Well, excellent. Me too. Thank you very much for asking. Welcome to another national day. Today if you didn’t already know is national kindness day, do a random act of kindness for a stranger and a yay, you’re helping…
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World Radio Day

(The following is a transcript taken from a video about the subject, see below) Now. Then how the devil are you. Well, excellent. Me too. Thank you very much for asking. Welcome to another video. Today is world radio day. Now obviously I have a very fond affinity with radio. It’s where I started my…
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HOW IMPORTANT IS SEO ON A VIDEO? You’ve uploaded your live video to multiple channels, so, thew question is, how important is getting your description and tagging right? Well, it’s massively important, without this being done right, your content is likely to blend into everything else everyone is putting out. However, have a bespoke thumbnail…
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Going live and creating video is one of the biggest things for a business right now. Jump on to linked in and you’ll see videos from every business, from will writers, accountants, property experts through to florists. It’s all there, and it’s all giving you great value.


I WANT TO GROW QUICKLY It’s something I hear a lot from people when it comes to starting on their journey of social media. Growing quickly isn’t easy, and certainly not if you’re looking for meaningful metrics on each of your channels.  However, you could get your brand in front of a new audience easily…
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I’M ALREADY WORKING HARD, 8 HOURS A DAY Oh boy, oh boy, this is something I hear a lot from people when I speak to them about their social content and chat about my process of: Write A Blog Bullet Point It Do A Live Video Re-Purpose the live video into multiple pieces of content…
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Do You Want More Time, Why You Should Be Podcasting?

PODCASTING Hi, I’m Simon Scholes, former radio and tv presenter, and the founder of Perception Studios visual marketing agency.  Just lately, something I’ve been pushing hard with both clients and also in my talks is podcasting, and the questions I’m always being asked afterward is, but, why should I podcast, and, but won’t this take…
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FINALLY……I’ve Found The Magic Pill

That’s right, you read the title correctly, I’ve found the magic pill for business   Let me go back to last night.  I was at a networking event that will remain un-named. I was in a room full of people looking for that one magic pill answer that would make them rich beyond their dreams,…
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