National Dog Biscuit Day

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Now then, how the devil are you? Well, excellent. Me too. Thank you very much for asking. Welcome to this Sunday video. Thank you for consuming this. And so if you didn’t already know, today is national dog biscuit. Why is there a day for national thought biscuits? I’ve no idea. But obviously it is a day to spend time with friends, family, whether your friends and family are human or are fairly little friends and you’re gonna give them loads of dog biscuits as treats today because it isn’t national dog biscuit day. Uh, but that said, even though you’re going to be spending time with friends, family, fairy friends, all that kind of stuff, just don’t forget the audience behind the lens as well. Verse people who consume your content on a daily basis and those who can’t consume your content on a daily basis. Because let’s remember, social media doesn’t work a five day week it is on seven days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, a platform, and if you’re not using it on all of those days as a chance, you’re potentially missing out and talking to a new customer because especially on a weekend, not everybody can use social media on a week date. Sometimes the bosses won’t let them do it. That’s why we suggest that people actually when they create video content, have subtitles so that when the boss is in the office and you still want to watch the video content, you can, you don’t have to listen to it. You can actually watch it with subtitles and read what the person says exactly. So don’t forget on a weekend there is a potential of new people consuming content because everybody can be online during the week. So those new people are going to pop onto social media and consume content in this area of expertise that you’re in because are looking for that help and your competitors are putting stuff out on a Saturday and Sunday and you’re not.

So what’s going to happen? You competitors are going to get them as raving fans and as potential new customers and you’re not. However, that’s easily remedied. Start posting on a weekend. I’m not saying you have to create loads and loads of content for a weekend by I am saying you need to spend a little bit of time to saying hello, having a chat with them. Maybe even just make weekends about having fun and not necessarily consuming loads and loads of value-driven content and those statistics, but you could make it about taking part of the poll or maybe having a quiz about the content you’ve been posting for the week and see if people can answer the questions on it. It gives them a chance as well to go back and consume that content and maybe get the questions right. All that kind of stuff. Anyway, hopefully, you’ve got some value from this. The value is that, don’t forget there was a brand new audience on a weekend consuming content, so make sure you’re making content for them to consume. In the meantime, go off, have some fun with your fairy friends and give them a biscuit from me on national bumpy skin day and until tomorrow, have a good un’ bye.

Cook A Sweet Potato

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The devil. I you. Well, excellent. Me too. Thank you very much for asking. It is national cooker sweet potato day as if there’s a day for cooking a sweet potato. I know they’ll make anything where they, anyway, so yesterday is national cookers, sweet potato day. Everybody cooks sweet potatoes these days because they want to be a little bit healthier than want something a bit nicer in their diet with less carbs. Um, and to try and tie this into social media, it got me thinking about how healthy is your content and your social media for your audience. Uh, because so many people just throw content out at different times of the day to potentially different audiences without really thinking seriously about their content and what they’re actually doing with that. So it begs the question, do you understand who your avatar is? If you don’t know what an avatar is, basically an avatar is the ideal customer for you, your niche customer.

Tug Of War Day

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Now. Then how the devil are you? Excellent. Me too. Thank you very much for asking. I’m Simon Scholes, founder and creative director of perception studios, the award winning visual marketing agency and as always on a daily basis and wanted to talk to you about some of the stuff that you can do yourselves for free or potentially with a small cost attached, which is what today is all about because I’m going to tat to you about the fact that it is national tug of war day and on a day like today where it’s raining and horrible outside, the last thing you want to be doing is playing a tug of war, but on a daily basis, especially if you work in marketing in your brand or in your business right now, and you have this tug of war between whether you should spend money on social media or not really bother.

Random Acts Of Kindness

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Now. Then how the devil I you. Well, excellent. Me too. Thank you very much for asking. Welcome to another national day. Today if you didn’t already know is national kindness day, do a random act of kindness for a stranger and a yay, you’re helping them out. So lots of people doing lots of different things. In fact today I’ve been to Starbucks and paid for the next person, Starbucks without them knowing, so then they get a free coffee. That was my, or one of my random acts of kindness today. So I want to ask you a question on social media. What do you do as a random act of kindness every single day? I try to give them value for free and this is something that kind of you should be looking to do as well, no matter what business is you are in. I spoke about this the other day as well as so many people get caught up in social media and needing a return on investment, but they forget about the fact that social media is about being social and about giving something back to the community that is out there or potentially even the community that you’ve already built.

Do A Grouch A Favour

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Now. Then how the devil are you. Well, excellent. Me too. Thank you very much for asking. So then it’s a quick video today. It’d been a Sunday and I want some time with my family. However, as today is do a grouch a favour day. I felt this was an ideal opportunity to discuss. One thing with you that I know is quite high on most people’s list and that is why they don’t press publish on quite a lot of their content. They don’t actually even start doing the content in the first place. It’s because we’re afraid of what other people might say. We’re afraid of trolls. Everyone’s favourite thing because you get these idiots keyboard warriors who go, you’re rubbish and they type it all out and they post it on your content and then you feel bad about it. Now the fact of the matter is I’m in a fortunate position doing what I’ve done over the years working in TV, working in radio.


So many of us sit down, ready to post something on social media but the picture we want to use is just not quite right, the audio doesn’t sound like we’d like it too, the video we want to use isn’t PERFECT.

You have got to stop chasing perfection with your daily content. The important part of daily content is the value you’re giving your audience, it’s not about the perfect lighting. Don’t get me wrong it’s nice now and again to post something that looks nice, but, it’s not the be-all and end-all for your content.

Remember…..if you’re not communicating then nobody can hear what you’ve got to say, and it could be the most important information they’ll ever consume for their business and make them want to be a customer of yours.

The only thing I need to be perfect day to day for me is my coffee.

So, next time you’re creating content, don’t panic about the imperfect edit, the dodgy masked line in a photo / meme, the slight clip on some audio, just remember, if you don’t put it out at all, then you’re never going to grow your audience of raving fans on social media…..and let’s not forget, we all want attention, and social media and the mobile phone is where that attention is at.


How much content are you currently creating?

Overthinking our content is one of the main reasons I speak about not reaching for perfection. The reason being is, I’ve been speaking to a huge amount of people and businesses that are 100% hung up on putting out the perfect piece of content.

The biggest issue with this is, they never quite achieve the perfect piece of content and so therefor procrastinate the days away trying to make what they’ve created right in their eyes. What they forget is that if they’re not communicating at all, nobody can hear or see the value you’ve got to give to them.

Now, this isn’t an easy thing to overcome, but, you have to get to a point where you’re happy to put out content taken from your weekly blogs.

The idea of perfection is also a good reason why I direct people to do Live video content over and above recording it. If you sit constantly recording on your mobile phone, then the chances are you’ll never actually put any content out as you’ll just keep recording it and deleting it. However, if you sit down and do a live piece of content, you’ve got no opportunity to press stop and start again…’re in the middle of a live broadcast with a possible audience watching that content, so you crack on. You stumble over something you’re saying, you repeat it clearly and move on. It’s a fantastic way to overcome the fear of perfect content when it comes to video.

So, stop worrying about perfect, certainly, don’t worry about what others may or may not be saying. Do worry about the value you’re giving, the story you’re telling and trust me, your audience will love you for it. I just want to see you start making content for your brand and business.


We all want to be creating regular, consistent and value-driven content, don’t we…….YES??????

The first step for the “How to 9 x your social media” process is planning swiftly followed by blogging which I truly believe is the doorway to content for any brand and business who’re struggling to find a way to create regular content for their social media channels.

Here are my top tips to help you grow your blog……



The blog is the first content you create in the “How to 9 x your social media” process. I call it the doorway to content, as this one piece will help you with so much more.

According to a recent survey, a typical blog post takes two and a half hours to create. The same study reveals that a large number of bloggers write outside of regular “work hours,” including on weekends and at night.

So basically, it takes time to create your blog.

And writing blog posts is just the beginning; in addition to creating content, bloggers must optimise for search engines, make time for social media, market their content, network, and engage with readers, just like with all forms of social media.

Not being fully committed is what separates amateur bloggers from the pros.

I think the main mistake I see in new bloggers is not being totally committed to what they’re doing. As @garyvee says, you can’t be half pregnant, go all-in on your content and start with a blog.


How much planning do you do?

Having a plan for your blog content in place will make life so much easier when it comes to creating the content. If you just sit down in front of your computer, the chances are writing a blog will take you hours on end, most of which will be deciding what to write about in the first place.

Plan your content each month to make it easy.

You don’t want to be that creator who is always saying “OH CRAP!!!!”

How often do you say those words when you realise you’ve not posted anything on social media for a few weeks, so then you end up posting something on Instagram, then something different on Twitter and a video on youtube about a totally different subject matter again.

You cannot approach marketing in a scattergun approach. Look at what the big brands do with their marketing, and understand that what they’re doing will work for you, just maybe needs a little modification as they already have a name and followers, you, on the other hand, may not, YET, but that can be built on.


Just get started

Achieving top-tier blogging status can seem like a long shot. But every successful blogger started somewhere.

Create Create Create, practice writing every single day, and get those blogs out for people to consume, giving them loads of value in your content. It doesn’t have to be perfect for people to read it. Get feedback, adjust, move on. Without creating and putting your product or service out there, no one will find you and hire you. Just start.

For content ideas, try a brainstorming worksheet to collect ideas this is where planning really does come into it’s own. Once you know what you’re talking about then you’re onto a winner.

So, get creating, have some fun


Collaborate and network with other bloggers

We’ve all heard the saying, “It’s not about what you know, it’s who you know.”
The same can be said about blogging. If you start to connect with and be part of the blogging community, you’ll be amazed at how your engagement, traffic and even shares of your content could increase.

It’s time to start being SOCIAL on SOCIAL MEDIA.

So how can you start getting to know other bloggers in your niche?

* Engage with other bloggers on social networks – Especially sharing other people’s content if it’s useful to your audience and also responding to them in comments or status updates.

* Leave helpful comments on other blogs – This is best done on personal blogs where the owner responds to comments. This is a sure-fire way to get noticed providing you don’t start selling with your comment and focus on leaving help. You give value in your content, so if you can help, do so.

* Become part of a thriving community in your niche – Online communities are a great way to connect with other bloggers. From Sub-Reddit’s to Facebook Groups and forums, there’s plenty to choose from.

* Look for twitter hours related to blogging – There are many twitter hours where bloggers spend the hour chatting about subject matters, sharing their content and helping each other grow



Don’t forget, we live in a society where people are hammered constantly with sales messages.

You need to write content full of value for your audience, and also check out trends, etc. so you’re writing about what people have already proven to enjoy as a subject matter.

You can use tools like Google Alerts or Talkwalker Alerts to help you with seeing about blog topics or find popular content on BuzzSumo which helps you see which topics are getting great traction

Whichever topics you cover, keep your audience at the heart of your content and focus on solving their problems.



We’ve all heard the line “Imitation is the highest form of flattery”, but in the blogosphere, it’s just plain and simple copying.

Don’t be a copycat, it’s all well and good covering the same subject matter as someone else, but, make sure you give it your own slant. People want to consume your value, not someone else’s.

If you do copy, it’s not going to help your online reputation, people can see right through it, especially if they consume your content on a regular basis, as they can read the different tone of voice, etc.

Yes, it’s hard to produce your own content, but, that’s where the planning comes in to make sure you have your subject matters in mind.

So, remember, it’s fine to share someone else blog, but, don’t say it’s your own, always be original with your own content.



I think this is probably EVERYONES favourite four-letter word. I have a few others I tend to use from time to time, but, this one is still my favourite…..especially as I’m a tight Yorkshireman.

So, when I tell brands and businesses I give away all my best content on social media for FREE, they do tend to think I’m a little bit crazy. In fact, I’m normally asked straight after “So, how the hell do you make any money”

People are sadly very short term in their way of thinking, there’s very little to no patience when it comes to making cash. Most businesses want to see a return right now, and not wait, or have the patience to wait for that R.O.I. However, the ROI of social media doesn’t happen fast, it can’t, the whole point of social media is in its name…….to be social.

It takes hard work to build a level of trust with your audience, so you can get to the point of the ASK…..That moment you can potentially convert that raving fan into a customer.

So, learn an element of patience when it comes to writing your blog, and understand, that giving away your best advice for free isn’t quite as crazy as you might think. If someone gives you great advice and it helps you massively, how likely are you to tell all your friends about that amazing advice you got as it might help them…….now put that thought process into your business.

Exciting possibilities isn’t it. So get going, give that value for FREE and be ready to keep doing it consistently for FREE.


Answer Questions for Your Audience

It seems obvious, but the best way to create a readership for your blog content is through giving them compelling, informative and value-driven content. I always try to respond to every question my readers come up with, and when I’m posting about my content on other social media channels I actually ask for peoples feedback, get them to leave comments, etc. asking questions. After all the more interaction your content gets, the better it will perform.

Just don’t forget what this post is all about, be sure to respond to every single comment you get, answer their questions, or point them towards an answer if you don’t have it (you don’t have to know everything after all).

If you’re truly passionate about your blog’s area of expertise, you can successfully grow your audience and continue your own learning by answering all the unanswered questions.”


Optimise your blog site for search engines

The first few tips consisted of making your content great for readers and spreading the word to your amazing potential audience.

While this should be your first priority, it’s important to remember that you also need to write for search engines as well.

Using an SEO tool like Yoast for WordPress will help you optimise your blog posts so search engines understand how to index your site properly.



So, the first step in content creation for taking your mindset business and brand from local to national is to begin creating a blog that gives true value to your audience. However, as we’re discussing SEO today, here are 7 simple tips to help improve your blog SEO.

1. Focus on 1 or 2 long-tail keywords that match the intent of your ideal audience for that blog

2. Don’t forget to use these keywords within your blog, more than once would be great

3. Make sure your blog is mobile-friendly. More and more people are using their phones to digest content, so make sure they can read it on it.

4. Optimise your meta description for the blog. It’s usually about 300 characters, so try to use them all

5. Put in photos and make sure they have the right attributes in the metadata section for the photo

6. Link internally to other content on your website

7. Link externally too, maybe to where you’ve got certain information from or even better, linking back to your own social media channels perhaps. Just make sure if you do that, it’s relevant to the content.[email protected]



So, our next advent tip is my 5P’S……Preparation prevents piss poor performance. (more…)


So, you’ve just logged into your social media platform of choice, and you’re waiting for that front page to load up and tell you how many thumbs up, hearts, likes etc. etc. your content has got from your current group of raving fans. As much as we shouldn’t, we all care a little about vanity metrics, and want our audience to appreciate the value we’re giving them in our social media content.




It’s one of the biggest buzz phrases right now in business, especially for those people in the B to C marketing.  To have your product being used by the likes of Zoella, KSI, Jake Paul, Casey Neistat and many many others can give your brand the positive uplift it may well need, BUT, it doesn’t come cheap.  So how can you be sure you’re using the right influencers for your brand?