Cook A Sweet Potato

(The following is a rough transcript from the below video)

The devil. I you. Well, excellent. Me too. Thank you very much for asking. It is national cooker sweet potato day as if there’s a day for cooking a sweet potato. I know they’ll make anything where they, anyway, so yesterday is national cookers, sweet potato day. Everybody cooks sweet potatoes these days because they want to be a little bit healthier than want something a bit nicer in their diet with less carbs. Um, and to try and tie this into social media, it got me thinking about how healthy is your content and your social media for your audience. Uh, because so many people just throw content out at different times of the day to potentially different audiences without really thinking seriously about their content and what they’re actually doing with that. So it begs the question, do you understand who your avatar is? If you don’t know what an avatar is, basically an avatar is the ideal customer for you, your niche customer.



When did you last do paid selling on social media and how did it go?

We all know sales and marketing are pretty much ongoing tasks. So have you ever tried to combine the two with paid for advertising on social media?

I always preach about giving value and not selling, but, that’s when you’re on social media to be social. How about when you make prime content specific to putting budget behind it to advertise and sell your products?

What did you last create and do for this with your brand, and did you have enough raving fans see the content and share it to make a difference to your sales?

You see, value is essential in both types of content, but, if you do put money behind it you could grow your audience of raving fans and not only that potentially find customers if you’re leading them into your funnel correctly with your paid for content.

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The Standard 3-Point Lighting Technique

Once you’re creating regular live video content, it’s time to take your content onto the next level and make it look even better than it already does.

The Three Point Lighting Technique is a standard method used in video, photography and computer-generated imagery.




So, live video is an amazing tool, but, something a lot of people shy away from as it scares them, they’re worried about looking like a nobhead, uninformed, and worst of all, having no audience to watch.  Can I be honest with you?  Nobody is going to come and watch your fucking content, nobody gives a shit about you, BUT, this will not be forever……..OK, we’ve got that out the way.  




So, you’ve downloaded your live video, you’ve got your subtitles ready to go, you’ve got a whole heap of great short edits to make the content easier to digest on different platforms…..So where you put your content?

Well, the simple answer is everywhere. You want to build an audience of raving fans, so, get that content out there to find them. It may be a little time consuming uploading to multiple platforms, but, trust me, it’ll be worth it. Build those raving fans wherever you can, and in time, watch them become more and more dedicated to your value content and start to share it with people they know would benefit from it, so your audience will grow and grow.

Beware, when using your caption file on the videos, linkedin WILL NOT let you add captions after you’ve uploaded your video, it has to be done during the upload process, so make sure you’ve got them to hand so you can add them at the same time

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So, you’re prepared for you live video. You have it all planned out, you’ve got your 3 or 4 great resonating moments / bullet points to help you talk about your blog subject as a true voice of authority. However, how do you talk to, not at your audience?

This is something I struggled with as a radio presenter. My first snoop (listen back to a show with the boss) went something like this. “Simon, how’re you going to connect with the listener. Right now you’re talking at them, they won’t want to be your mate or go for a pint with you, you need to create an emotional connection”. So off I went with those words ringing in my ears, how the hell was I going to make a connection with the audience when they’re not there for me to bounce off, to respond to what I’m saying or more importantly, for me to talk to. That’s when it struck me, what I needed was something to replace them in the studio, something that meant I was able to connect and talk to them without them all being in the studio with me.
I placed a small stuffed toy on the window sill just behind the mic and started talking to him, it felt instantly different, having that thing to talk to made all the difference. Obviously he didn’t talk back to me or laugh at my jokes (it’d be really fucking scary if he did) but, it made all the difference to my style of communication to an invisible audience. This is how you need to approach your live video content, place a soft toy behind the lens, a photo of a best friend, your partner, a loved one, just someone or something you can talk to, rather than worrying about the audience behind the lens or the picture of you on the screen.
Make sure it’s behind the lens and nowhere else, and you’ll absolutely fly and feel the difference instantly yourself too.

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GDPR & Social Media



So, GDPR, it’s coming whether we like it or not, and just a few hours ago I was surfing my social media and stumbled across a very interesting LinkedIn post. It spoke all about GDPR and what they saw as a huge issue for many small and large businesses who relied on email.


Do You Want More Time, Why You Should Be Podcasting?


Hi, I’m Simon Scholes, former radio and tv presenter, and the founder of Perception Studios visual marketing agency.  Just lately, something I’ve been pushing hard with both clients and also in my talks is podcasting, and the questions I’m always being asked afterward is, but, why should I podcast, and, but won’t this take me a long time to do? (more…)