Although they’re not for everyone, a lot of people enjoy bonfire night on November 5th, and we’ve all pulled out our camera to take a picture and missed the moment, or it’s come out all grainy, fuzzy and not really captured the event.

So, to help you out, here’s some simple tips for settings on your DSLR so you know how to photograph fireworks

1. Set your ISO as low as possible, 100 or 200 is ideal
2. Set you aperture to F/11
3. Set the shutter speed to about 1/2 a second

It’s really that simple, nothing extra, then snap away. If you feel your photos are a bit dim, alter your shutter speed while leaving everything else, although, of course the slower the shutter speed the more steady you need to be, so maybe using a tripod wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Have fun, and post your firework photos on our page on bonfire night, we look forward to seeing your shots.

GDPR & Social Media



So, GDPR, it’s coming whether we like it or not, and just a few hours ago I was surfing my social media and stumbled across a very interesting LinkedIn post. It spoke all about GDPR and what they saw as a huge issue for many small and large businesses who relied on email.




working hardOh boy, oh boy, this is something I hear a lot from people when I speak to them about their social content and chat about my process of:

Write A Blog

Bullet Point It

Do A Live Video

Re-Purpose the live video into multiple pieces of content that allow your followers to digest your content in their own way i.e. short form video, podcast, short-form audio, memes, etc. etc.


Patience Is The Key

So, how much patience do you have?

Hi, I’m Simon Scholes, founder of Perception Studios, and I’m a former radio and tv presenter and without a lot of patience, I certainly wouldn’t be able to say that.  I spent years, getting knocked back, learning, getting knocked back again, learning more, until one day I succeeded. I was offered radio work, did live television and had a lot of fun in the process.




Hi, I’m Simon Scholes, the creative director and founder of Perception Studios.

So, something I hear a lot from people is “I’ve already got a video” or my personal favourite “Video just doesn’t work for us”.  Now as much as these statuses could be potentially true, they’re more than likely not.  As I mentioned in my previous blog, we speak to many brands and businesses who have had an all singing and dancing video created, but, they haven’t put it too good use, and herein lies the first lesson of the day “A VIDEO WILL NOT BRING YOU BUSINESS ON IT’S OWN”. (more…)



So, as a brand and business, we’re sure you’ve been told that business video is of vital importance to helping you increase awareness of yourselves.

However, something we hear over and over again is I’ve done my video, so why am I not getting any extra traffic through my website or customers? (more…)



As 2016 came to a close, Hootsuite spoke about how video and social content is key for a business to succeed going into 2017.

As much as your business shouldn’t forget about SEO and being searchable, social content is paramount to ensure your brand and business are not only reaching the millennials but also your usual Google-based customers who are heading to social networks in search of products and content. (more…)


Have you noticed how digital marketing is using more images in their social media?

Would you like to know how your business can use the popular sharing site Instagram?

In this article, I will show you five ways to use Instagram to enhance your marketing.

In the last few years, the use of Instagram by companies has flown. With millions of users, Instagram has become a great chance for brands to get quick and succinct, messages and photos to their target audiences.

Recently Instagram has proven to be a great platform for digital marketers to reach a new audience in a way the audience wants to be marketed to: with visuals and short messages.

Search for “marketing” on Instagram.

When creating your marketing strategy, do not forget about this great media.

So, here are five ways that you can use Instagram to achieve your marketing and branding goals.

1: Feature Your Customers

Everyone loves seeing a friendly face on social media, especially when you are looking at a company’s pages. Your customers are your brand’s greatest advocates, and, they are a great way to tell your company’s story from the perspective of someone outside the company.

Use Instagram to get your customers to help showcase your business and a sneak peek into what the experience with your brand is like.

2: Get More Interest in Your Events

The goal of any event or conference is to try and attract people so you can teach them about your business, products and services so you can hopefully turn them into customers. Instagram can help with that, you can give event attendees a visual and location for your event.

Most conferences have a hashtag that attendees can follow on Twitter and Instagram that can be used to show others everything that’s going on, whether it’s visual or in 140 characters.

When you think about Instagram, you may think that only B2C companies can use it.
However, it has proven over the last year to be an extremely valuable tool for B2B companies as well.

3: Reward Followers With Promo Codes

When posting your pictures, think about something that will keep your audience coming back for more. You could reward your followers for looking at your posts and reading the descriptions. For some companies, that’s a contest, for other companies, that may be including discounts or promo codes within their posts.
Think about what you know about your audience, from their demographic information to what gets their attention, and consider that when putting together your social media schedule for Instagram.

Before adding promo codes to your campaign, think about whether they are relevant to your audience. If they are, find unique or creative ways to share them on Instagram. Not only will your followers love the codes, but Instagram can also a creative way to give them away.

4: Use Instagram Profiles to Reach a Wider Audience

Users waited a long time for Instagram to have a web presence in addition to the mobile app. Although Instagram is available on both Android and iPhone devices, there are still many people who would like access to it on the web.

Instagram profiles launched in 2012 which meant you didn’t have to use as mobile device to use the medium.

Instagram pictures provide a great insight into your business. You can promote anything your company is doing.

Take advantage of the increased real estate you have with the Instagram web page to tell a story with the images. However, always make sure you have a healthy balance of fun images and business pictures.

Use your Instagram profile to make it easy for everyone to see your story. You may want to include pictures with calls to action to your website or pictures of employees working and give some information about what they do for the company. Think strategically about how your Instagram account looks once all of the pictures are put together on one page.

5: Create Engagement With Contests

Instagram has become a popular platform to use for photo contests. Contests are easy to do on Instagram.

You can easily ask users to use a particular hashtag for the contest by tagging their pictures. It’s easy to search through pictures, ask other people to vote for their favourite picture and pick a winner.

To find out more about how instagram and social media can help your business, drop us a line

[email protected] or visit us at

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