Tug Of War Day

(The following is a transcript of the below video)

Now. Then how the devil are you? Excellent. Me too. Thank you very much for asking. I’m Simon Scholes, founder and creative director of perception studios, the award winning visual marketing agency and as always on a daily basis and wanted to talk to you about some of the stuff that you can do yourselves for free or potentially with a small cost attached, which is what today is all about because I’m going to tat to you about the fact that it is national tug of war day and on a day like today where it’s raining and horrible outside, the last thing you want to be doing is playing a tug of war, but on a daily basis, especially if you work in marketing in your brand or in your business right now, and you have this tug of war between whether you should spend money on social media or not really bother.



So, this is it, you’re going live….but when?

Sticking to a schedule is massively important. It’s how you can really begin to build a group of raving fans who’ll watch your content on a regular basis. You see, we like schedules, especially when it comes to consuming other peoples content. If we know when something is going to happen, we make time in our day to consume it…..i.e EASTENDERS, BIG BROTHER etc. etc. (more…)