GDPR & Social Media



So, GDPR, it’s coming whether we like it or not, and just a few hours ago I was surfing my social media and stumbled across a very interesting LinkedIn post. It spoke all about GDPR and what they saw as a huge issue for many small and large businesses who relied on email.


How To Unleash Your brand – Maxx Design


We’ve been working with the team at Maxx Design, in Newbury, and Basingstoke Sports Trust, to create a fantastic video, showing the process of unleashing your brand, from start to finish.

Interviewing the team members at Maxx and Basingstoke Sports Trust we helped to create a final product that we are all exceptionally proud of, and, that truly showed how the correct brand and campaign can alter the social awareness of a company.

Take a look for yourselves by clicking here.

Maxx Design - Newbury, Unleash Your BrandBasingstoke Sports Trust, Unleash Your Brand

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