National Dog Biscuit Day

(The following is a rough transcript of the below video)

Now then, how the devil are you? Well, excellent. Me too. Thank you very much for asking. Welcome to this Sunday video. Thank you for consuming this. And so if you didn’t already know, today is national dog biscuit. Why is there a day for national thought biscuits? I’ve no idea. But obviously it is a day to spend time with friends, family, whether your friends and family are human or are fairly little friends and you’re gonna give them loads of dog biscuits as treats today because it isn’t national dog biscuit day. Uh, but that said, even though you’re going to be spending time with friends, family, fairy friends, all that kind of stuff, just don’t forget the audience behind the lens as well. Verse people who consume your content on a daily basis and those who can’t consume your content on a daily basis. Because let’s remember, social media doesn’t work a five day week it is on seven days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, a platform, and if you’re not using it on all of those days as a chance, you’re potentially missing out and talking to a new customer because especially on a weekend, not everybody can use social media on a week date. Sometimes the bosses won’t let them do it. That’s why we suggest that people actually when they create video content, have subtitles so that when the boss is in the office and you still want to watch the video content, you can, you don’t have to listen to it. You can actually watch it with subtitles and read what the person says exactly. So don’t forget on a weekend there is a potential of new people consuming content because everybody can be online during the week. So those new people are going to pop onto social media and consume content in this area of expertise that you’re in because are looking for that help and your competitors are putting stuff out on a Saturday and Sunday and you’re not.

So what’s going to happen? You competitors are going to get them as raving fans and as potential new customers and you’re not. However, that’s easily remedied. Start posting on a weekend. I’m not saying you have to create loads and loads of content for a weekend by I am saying you need to spend a little bit of time to saying hello, having a chat with them. Maybe even just make weekends about having fun and not necessarily consuming loads and loads of value-driven content and those statistics, but you could make it about taking part of the poll or maybe having a quiz about the content you’ve been posting for the week and see if people can answer the questions on it. It gives them a chance as well to go back and consume that content and maybe get the questions right. All that kind of stuff. Anyway, hopefully, you’ve got some value from this. The value is that, don’t forget there was a brand new audience on a weekend consuming content, so make sure you’re making content for them to consume. In the meantime, go off, have some fun with your fairy friends and give them a biscuit from me on national bumpy skin day and until tomorrow, have a good un’ bye.

Cook A Sweet Potato

(The following is a rough transcript from the below video)

The devil. I you. Well, excellent. Me too. Thank you very much for asking. It is national cooker sweet potato day as if there’s a day for cooking a sweet potato. I know they’ll make anything where they, anyway, so yesterday is national cookers, sweet potato day. Everybody cooks sweet potatoes these days because they want to be a little bit healthier than want something a bit nicer in their diet with less carbs. Um, and to try and tie this into social media, it got me thinking about how healthy is your content and your social media for your audience. Uh, because so many people just throw content out at different times of the day to potentially different audiences without really thinking seriously about their content and what they’re actually doing with that. So it begs the question, do you understand who your avatar is? If you don’t know what an avatar is, basically an avatar is the ideal customer for you, your niche customer.


H.E.D.G.E Estate Contracting – Story Telling

Over the last month or so, the team here at Perception Studios have been hard at work with the guys from H.E.D.G.E. Estate Contracting telling their story. (more…)



If you haven’t started to invest in video content for your online marketing strategy, you’re missing out on some huge reach and lead generation opportunities. When a video goes “viral,” its popularity grows exponentially through the social media world, drawing thousands of viewers to the creator’s channel unbelievably quickly. (more…)


As a business owner, you’ll already know the power of investing in video, and it’s massive potential to help, educate and engage your current and future clients about your products and services.



pennant castle 3 high resIt was our pleasure to be asked again by the Newbury, Round Table to film their annual Craft Craft Race.  We of course leapt at the opportunity to work with their team to help show such an amazing event.

Not only does it bring together the Newbury community over the bank holiday weekend in May, but, it also raises an incredible amount of money for local charities.

We wanted to bring a new dynamic to the video this year, and in the last 12 months our team have gone through their CAA drone training and now have their PfAW (permission for aerial work).

What has resulted is a great event video, that captures the feel and emotions of the day.

We hope you enjoy watching it, as much as our team enjoyed filming and editing it.





So, yes the title of this blog today is meant to catch your attention, and even be ever so slightly a case of click bait.

However, the big question is still, are you breaking the law? (more…)