How are you making sure you’re talking to your audience today?

One day this week I was filming in Southampton first thing in the day, then I had to head to London for an afternoon photo shoot for a client.

Obviously being on the road most of the day meant I didn’t have time to complete all my social media content for that particular day. However, did I let that stop me talking to my audience……of course not.

So to make sure I’ve got content for my audience I stayed up late to make sure it was prepped and got up early to be sure I’ve got it all with me on my phone ready to post to people.

Being busy is not an excuse to forget your amazing fans. They want to hear from you, it’s why they’ve followed you in the first place.

I spoke about this a lot a few weeks ago, but, if you plan your content in advance and know your subject matters each and every week in a month at least, then creating the content to work with that value and message shouldn’t be difficult.

So, next time you’re prepping for a busy day or week, remember to plan your arse off, then create the content, and make 1 or two mins in your day, three or four times in your day, and get that content posted out.