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As 2016 came to a close, Hootsuite spoke about how video and social content is key for a business to succeed going into 2017.

As much as your business shouldn’t forget about SEO and being searchable, social content is paramount to ensure your brand and business are not only reaching the millennials but also your usual Google-based customers who are heading to social networks in search of products and content.

Here at Perception Studios, we pride ourselves on working with brands and agencies to ensure they’re creating high-quality content that will improve their customers’ digital experience.

Brands are starting to understand the importance of not shouting as loud as everyone else on social media, but instead, capturing the attention of their customers in a creative way.

A great example of this is our latest social client, Diverse Beauty.

We’ve previously worked with this brilliant brand, helping to create regular content, as well as showcase content.  In early 2017, we started to speak about the huge potential of social content, across many different networks, to improve reach and to help showcase products and the brand to different audiences.

We’re particularly happy with their February content, such as cinemagraphs, & boomerangs we’ve created for them, based on Valentines & Lent.

We’ve also had the pleasure of working alongside JAYWING creative agency, on campaign content for Pepsi, Doritos, Walkers & 7UP.

So, is your social media content not quite hitting the mark for your business?

Have a no-obligation chat with our team, to see how we can help you.

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