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Now. Then how the devil lay you. Well, excellent. Me too. Thank you very much for asking. Welcome to another video on national sleep in public day, a day after my own heart, 100% if there’s anybody who slept in most places, it’s me. I’ve slept on planes, trains, uh, in car parks and the park, uh, by swimming pools on the beach, you name it. I’ve slept there pretty much in public because I can sleep anywhere. Uh, but obviously on a weekend there is no time to sleep when it comes to social media. I’m going to harp on about this every weekend until it finally starts to sink in. Social media does not work a five day week. It works. A seven day week is on for 24 hours a day. He is on for 365 days a year, except when it falls over now and again. But generally it is on all the time, which means on a weekend, you cannot afford to not be a least posting a little bit to say hello to your audience and letting them know that you’re there and that you care.

That’s all you’ve got to do is just say hello, get them involved. But remember on a weekend, social media is potentially a different audience. Not everybody can be on social media during the week, but everybody has time in an evening. But everybody is able to do our work because the boss won’t let them, mother not allowed to use social media channels or maybe the robust driver, and they’re not even allowed to use their phone. Most comforting. I know because you don’t want a bus driver using his phone while he’s driving. So if that is the case for a lot of people, then those people could potentially still be your customer, but only look at your content on a weekend. So if you’re not posting content any weekend and your competitors are, then they’re the ones that are going to become their raving fans and potentially that customers. So why would you not post content on a weekend?

Why would you not give a little bit of actual value on a weekend? What could you give this weekend? Think about it right now. What could you give this weekend, another weekend ahead of us? That would give value to your audience this weekend. If you are a trade person, lots of people obviously doing DIY projects on a weekend. Maybe you could give some advice on particular day projects that people will be doing. Maybe you’re an electrician and people might be piling up new lays this weekend. Why not show them how to do that safely on a quick video, on a piece of fat content in a blog or photos for have done like like a carousel photo thing that you could want to Facebook onto Instagram. There’s so much you can do in your industry, in every industry that is going to give value and remember, like I say, social media doesn’t work a five day week, so as much as it is sleeping in public day, feel free to have a nap. But don’t forget your audience this weekend. Thanks ever so much for watching as always. Another short one, but hopefully a valuable tip. If you’re brand new, please do subscribe and don’t forget to share this about when Twitter and Facebook and other places where your audience consume content so that they can get some value from it as well. And until tomorrow, have a good un’ BYE.