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Single Person Awareness Day

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Single Person Awareness Day

(The following is a transcript from the video below)

Now. Then how the devil are you? Excellent. Me too. Thank you very much for asking. I’m in the car with the loved one in the background, so excuse any, abrupt noises all of a sudden from background. Uh, so today, if you didn’t already know yesterday was Valentine’s day to day is single person awareness day, which means if he’s single you can go home and love yourself and that sounds very wrong.

But you can go home and make yourself a meal or you can not just watch a good film or you can get the popcorn out or have some chocolate or you can do all of the above and much, much more if you really want to. But the moment, most important thing is, is that you’re loving the fact that your team is single, single person awareness day. And that kind of got me thinking about all the solo printers that are out there right now as well.

Thinking, well, it’s the weekend. Yeah, it’s the weekend. I’ve got some time off work. I don’t need to do anything today. Well, the fact of the matter is it might be the weekend, but just remember social media doesn’t work just a five day week. So if you use social media at all and you’re watching this, so obviously you do, then what you need to do is make sure you talk to your audience because the fact of the matter is on a weekend there are more people online do you might not have spoken to during the week because during the week they’re not allowed online because the post won’t let them or they just don’t have a time on a weekend. They’ve got a bit more time to themselves and a bit more time to go onto social media, which means you have a brand new audience and a whole new set of people who could be potential fans of your value that you’ve called to give.

So I know this is a, yeah, exactly. I know this is a short video today, but I want you to keep thinking about weekend content. Stop thinking that social media only works a five day a week. You don’t have to wear just a five day a week. You can work a seven day a week on social media, but you don’t need to spend all your time on that. Just make sure you pop on, say hello. Maybe you give them some value. Maybe you do an Instagram story quiz, or maybe you do some polls or something like that. Or maybe you put out some fun content, whatever it might be, just make sure that you’re actually talking to your audience on a weekend because trust me, the audience that you have, and most likely you’re using it because you are right now. And there’s also that huge chance of a brand new audience consuming your content, becoming a huge fan, and who knows, maybe even further down the line, they might become a customer or know somebody who will do so. There you go. Thanks ever so much for watching today. If you’re brand new, as always, please hit that subscribe button or follow or whatever channel you’re watching this on and I will catch you out tomorrow for another video I’ve forgotten and enjoy single awareness day. Bye.


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