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Safer Internet Day

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Safer Internet Day

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Now then, how the devil are you?

Well, excellent, me too thank you very much for asking. Welcome to another video.

Today’s video all about what today’s national day is, which is a safer internet day. There’s a lot of stuff today in the news about off com in the UK. Hopefully gonna regulate or try to regulate things like the internet, make it safer for people to use, uh, go head-on with people who are like trolling, bullying causing harassment, racial prejudice, all that kind of stuff. Hey, something, I’m completely for 100% making the internet safer place for kids to use is like tantamount really for everybody because obviously what kind of world are they going to grow up and they’re not going to grow up in a world where technology didn’t exist like it didn’t for us. They’re going to grow up in a world where things like what I’m filming on right now, my iPhone 11, I can not be obsolete and there’s going to be something so much more powerful, so much better available for them to use on the platforms they’ll be using on that piece of care.

That piece of technology is going to be way faster, way more powerful and capable of so much more than things like Facebook and Snapchat these days. So I think it’s quite an interesting day. However, it does get me onto another subject matter of why we demonize things like social media when it comes to our business and when it comes to our brand and that kind of stuff. And so many people that I talk to when I’m doing keynote talks and that kind of stuff really are completely against using platforms like Facebook or Instagram or TikTok or YouTube because they don’t like them. And there’s a quote, it’s not really a word for word quote, but there’s a guy that I go to see on a regular basis, George Swift, he’s a mindset coach and then absolutely brilliant, runs a business called bigger, brighter, bolder. And as he says about money within your business, your business needs money and it doesn’t give a shit whether you want to sell or not.

It is hungry, it needs the money. And if you’re not making money, then it starves and it dies. And that’s a bit like your brand and your business with social media. Technology doesn’t give a damn about you. Social media doesn’t give a damn about you. They can keep progressing whether you’re using them or not. And the fact of the matter is is your competition most likely is using it. So just swapping arms cause my arms tired. Uh, your competition probably is using it. So why are you not using social media to the best of your abilities? It’s not witchcraft, it’s not difficult. You just have to pull up at a time bit of effort into creating some content so that you can put that content out. Now, yes, you need to be doing that on a daily basis. And yes, the, you need to be creating a lot of content, like seven to 25 pieces of content on a daily basis and that sounds horrific and scary, especially to somebody who probably is only creating that many pieces of content a month, maybe a year.

But you need to be doing it. You need to get on there. You need to be using the thing that is in your hands right now that you’re watching this video on. He was sat with your mobile phone, with your tablet watching this video and so other people as well. And you need to think about that with your brand, your business. When is your audience using the content and consuming content from your competition? They’re doing it during that downtime, that free time, but they are consuming their content. And if you’re not making any content, they can’t consume your content. They can’t get your value, they can’t get your point of view. You may be a million times better than the competition, but unless you’re going to put out content that’s actually going to make sure that they’re aware of that, that they can get your value, that they know exactly what it is that you do, then they’re not going to know that.

So as much as I’m absolutely 100% for making the internet safer place, I do believe as a society and as some brands and some businesses, we need to stop worrying so much about what we’re putting out. Stop demonizing social media. And that kind of content and actually start putting some stuff out because your business really doesn’t care that you’re not putting it out, but it will really like you and love you. If you do start putting it out on a regular basis consistently for the next 12 to 24 months, trust me. You’ll start to build an audience and then some really cool stuff could start to happen. You could be talking to the right people as long as you know who your avatar is and your content is good. This is another subject matter we’ll get onto in the future. But um, for now, have a great safer internet day and then, yeah, stop demonizing social media. Start using it. Your business wants you to just use it consistently.


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