As creators of content,

we understand the power of taking your message and creating a brand around it. Sometimes this can be done in one slightly longer film, talking about your story and future wants / needs.

Other times, regular content is the key.

This is why we’re happy to be working with a couple of brands through 2016, helping them to create regular content to increase their brand reach and re-iterate the message behind that.

Viewers on formats such as YouTube etc enjoy viewing content on a regular schedule. So if you’re looking to create content for your brand there are a few rules to remember, to ensure the audience stick with you and grows.

1. Only create films about what you’re passionate about. Would you want to sit and watch someone talking about something they’re not really that bothered about?



2. Create a filming schedule, and stick to it. People like to know what’s coming, giving them a schedule allows them to look out for your content in their subscription feed.



3. Don’t leave in mistakes. These will only draw away from your main aim (to be a go to expert in your field).




4. Remember the 5 second rule. A great entertaining video must grab someones attention in just 5 seconds



5. Over time, keep an eye on your analytics and retention times, if people are dropping off after 4 minutes, then you know you need to keep your films shorter and more succinct. Word economy is a big problem for most people, so don’t use 20 words when 5 will say the same message.

If you’d like to talk to us about how video and regular content could help your business and brand, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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