So, one thing I hear a lot from different solopreneurs and business owners is how difficult it is to come up with content ideas for blogs at the last minute.

Too many brands and businesses leave creating content to the last minute and put very little thought into the subject matter as it’s so last minute to create it. This is why planning is so important. You can begin to think strategically about your content, so you’re talking to people at the right time, about the right things. Rather than talking about your special products coming out for Christmas in December, you need to work just like the larger brands and make people aware of you and your products in late October / early November so you’re the front of mind product before they make their early choices.

So, look to plan your blogs for the rest of September today, that way you’ll know exactly where you’re going with your content and be able to write your blogs potentially in one go so you’re prepared for the month ahead.