Here at Perception Studios, we’re proud to announce we’re working with the YouTube content creator George Benson, on his gaming channel Hurder Of Buffalo. With two channels creating regular content, and editing, it can be exceptionally time consuming, so, we’ll be working with George on the editing of all of his, Hurder content.

Perception Studios newest editing client, Hurder of Buffalo

When asked about working with Perception, George said, “it was an obvious choice. We’ve done lots together in the past, and I needed a team to edit, who understood my style and brand, which was them. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store, now I’m able to create more of the content I love”.

We’ve started working with George, with immediate effect.

If you’re looking to create great content, but, need someone to help you with the editing, why not drop us a line, for a free, one to one chat.

[email protected]