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Now then how the devil lie you. Well, excellent. Meaty. Thank you very much for asking. Thank you for joining me today on national protein day. What a day. Perfect day. I go to the gym whenever I can do. Obviously protein is a pretty important after a gym session, it helps them muscles recover and actually fix themselves so that venue can hit the next gym session just as hard. And uh, just as well got me thinking though. Um, and I’ve spoken about this in the past, so many people treat social media the same way as they kind of treat the gym at the start as well. Now we all should know, not that we all do treat it this way, that you don’t go to the gym and expect results straight away. Some people do expect to see results really, really quickly, but you can’t expect results really, really quickly in the gym.

You wouldn’t go to the gym workout for just one hour and expect to leave looking like Arnold swatch and I get when he did in the predator or when he won mr universe. So why would you treat any other aspects of your business in the same way we know going into the gym is going to take hard work and patience and that is the same for many different things in our life, including social media. You wouldn’t expect to put one tweet out and get loads and loads of business or have a huge audience from that one tweet. Now you might flu care by mistake and somebody might retweet it, who’s got a huge audience and you get put in front of loads and loads of people who follow you, but the chances of a fairly slim to non what it’s more than likely going to take on social media is lots of consistent hard work and plenty of patients.

So you need to treat your social media growth organically the same way as you would treat going to the gym. You wouldn’t expect results straight away. In fact, you wouldn’t expect results with within the first three or four weeks. Now you can get results depending on what you’re actually aiming to get. So for my clients when I chat to them and get them using social media, the return on investment that I want them to look for is actually a growth in their audience. Not necessarily a growth in customers who are buying what they do through that social media, just a growth in their audience. Their numbers of followers are slowly increasing and they’re getting people who actually want to interact with their content and actually people who become part of their tribe, they’re raving fans rather than just randomers who are just liking their content in the hope for a follow for follower, like for Mike.

So I want you to think seriously about your content and your social media channels and how much patience and hard work and consistency are you willing to put in because it’s not going to happen quickly. 1224 36 months is how long it’s going to take for you to build a good, strong organic audience. You can slowly but surely see those numbers going up very, very quickly. But you want get to that point where you feel you have a big enough audience so that when you talk to them, they’re listening and you could potentially sell to them as well. But don’t always sell to your audience. Just give them value and be patient and consistent with your content in the hope that it will slowly grow and you’ll slowly get a bigger and bigger tribe. Hopefully you got some value from this. And if you’re off to the gym right now, don’t forget to have your protein afterwards on national protein day and until tomorrow havea good un’