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Now then how you did Lynn, are you well, excellent. Me too. Thank you very much for asking. So today is national dentist’s day. A bit of an interesting one. This one, because dentists are just one of the businesses that I speak to on a regular basis who believe they cannot give value in the content that they put out on social media. Because as we should know by now, giving value is the most important part of social media. Actually helping people, helping educate them, letting them learn from your experience, your knowledge, your expertise. So if you’re not giving value, then the chances are you’re selling. And that really puts people off massively on social media. We are bombarded with sales messages all the time. So value is the place to go. But every business has a place of value that they can give even dentists. So if you’re a dentist watching this right now on national dentist day, remember you can still give value, for example, how to flush your teeth, or what is the best toothbrush for somebody with gums that bleed easily, or what’s the best toothpaste?

All these different questions that people will probably ask you when they come into your surgery. You can answer them in your content, in blog content, in memes, in video, in podcast form. There’s so much you could give as an industry and every industry has stuff that they can give to the audience that is value based. All you’ve got to do is get a little creative and start thinking outside the box, so remember, it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, just remember to keep value and that you can do it. There’s value out there. You’ve just got to open your mindset to how you would get the value that you’ve got to give across to your audience. Okay. Thanks very much for watching today. If you’re brand new, as always, hit that subscribe button, and then if you’re not brand new and you’re already subscribed, why on earth you’re not telling everybody on your friends list all about my content and letting them get value from it as well. Exactly. Do we now click that share button anyway until tomorrow? Have a gun and thanks very much for consuming my content. I’ll see you then. Bye.