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Now then how are you dead, Lynn? Excellent. Me too. Thank you very much for asking. Welcome to another social media podcast. I’m Simon skulls, founder and creative director of perception studios, the award winning visual marketing agency based in the UK at helping brands and businesses create content that really helps them stand out on their social media. And now today is well compliment day. How awesome is that? So let’s have a chat about it. The social media podcast with Simon skulls, tips, hints and great content ideas. So then, well compliment day to day and there. How can that tie into your social media and the content that you’re putting out on a regular basis? Uh, well quite easily to be honest because one of the big things about social media that most people forget about is the fact that it is all about being social I. E. social on social media.

Do you reach out to you, say hello to people? Do you pass on compliments? Exactly. You could be doing this on LinkedIn, on Twitter, on Facebook. So many people putting out content. So many people who are your potential audience putting out content and yet you’re not interacting with them. So go and find them. If you know who your avatar is, you know where they hang out, go and find them. Go and say hello, right on their content. Leave them a comment, maybe a compliment, and just actually just start chatting to people. This is a really great thing to do on LinkedIn, but it can help you really grow your audience as well. On things like Twitter and on Facebook, on Instagram as well, just reaching out and actually being social on social media is so important and if he can tie into a compliment even better.

So if you love a piece of content, somebody pot out, tell them that you actually like it. Don’t just hit that like button. That doesn’t really do a lot for them. Believing a comment really actually starts to create a relationship between you and them. Really, really great. So it’s a short one, but it’s a simple one. It’s all about being social on social media. If you are struggling with that concept, then you’re going to struggle with social media all together. And it’s not just something you do now and again once a week or something like that every single day. Reach out and chat to a few people. Say self a target each day. So, for example, you say, right, I’m going to go into Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook and talk to a few people. So make that number 15 so talk to 15 people, reach out to 15 people who your target audience on Twitter or LinkedIn and on Facebook that’s 45 people in a day.

How awesome is that? There are 225 people in a five-day working week. And remember as I keep saying to you, social media doesn’t work a five-day working week. So then you can retail on a weekend as well. And those numbers really start to add up, done the 315 people in a week as a massive of people you’ve reached out to said hello, giving them a compliment written on their content and they may well do the same thing back to you as well. So that’s it. 315 new potential members of your audience. That’s 315 people who can get value from the content that you’re putting out. That’s 315 people who might potentially become a customer. So when you think of it that way, is it really that much of a hardship to take an hour out of your evening and retail to 45 different people and spend a little time just writing a message back to their content or saying hello to them or giving some value and some help?

Exactly. It’s not how bad is it? It’s a star. Being social on social media, start making a difference to other people’s content as well as your own as well. And in the meantime, go back into the living room right now after listening, listening to this and that. Go pay a compliment to one of your family members or to a friend on a text message or something like that. And until tomorrow, have a gun and yeah, thanks for listening. Bye. Oh, by the way, don’t forget if you are listening, I hit that subscribe button. That would be really nice if you’re not already subscribed, and if you have subscribed already, how about you leave a review? That would be amazing because their reviews really help the content get out further to more and more people, especially if I can rise up those iTunes charts, that would be awesome. Anyway, thanks for listening and I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye. This was a perception’s production.