How You Can Make the Most of LinkedIn Video in 2018

I’ve spoken about this previously, but, as a business, we tend to believe we always need to create the most perfect piece of content to put out on social media.  However, I’m a big believer that this isn’t always the case, especially as if you’re not communicating, nobody can hear what you’ve got to say, and this is the same on LinkedIn.

So, video content is continuing to become more and more popular and it doesn’t need to go viral for it to help you get some really great results. 

Every 30 days there’s more video content created and uploaded than created for US television over the same period of time. 

It’d be crazy if every piece of filmed footage reached every corner of the internet, right?

There’s clearly a demand for video content, which means you need to be using it in your marketing strategy.

One place that video is gaining popularity is the social media platform, LinkedIn. 

Being a B2B platform for professionals to connect, posting videos on here can boost your professional and personal brand, especially when you get it right.

At the moment around 38% of marketers have started publishing video content on LinkedIn, and those who have at least 75% of them have found it to be an extremely effective strategy for their brand or business.

Due to this, LinkedIn video is well on the rise, with over 50% of marketers planning to use video in 2018 on a social media platform or platforms. So don’t be afraid to do those in the car videos everyone complains so much about, as the audience and platform is changing massively, and will continue to do so.

What is LinkedIn Video For?

When it comes to creating any video content let alone for LinkedIn, it’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed with your options. There are several types of video that you can publish, with each one having its’ own benefits:

Telling Your Story

Your current and potential audience are interested in finding out about people.  It’s human nature to be inquisitive, it’s why shows like Love Island and Big Brother draw in such big audiences.  It’s our chance to take a peek at someones day to day life.  

On a platform like LinkedIn, which is built for establishing relationships, you can use video to pique the interest of your connections and really tell your story.  Give them a true insight into you as an individual, be it through short form documentary style video like this

Or simply sitting and talking to the camera giving a daily insight into your life and your businesses story.

Video is considered very highly in LinkedIn’s algorithm, so because of this, you’re in with a better chance of your video reaching the top of a person’s feed.

Promoting Your Products

We all want to make more money, and get our products, or services in front of more people.  So, just like any other marketing activity, the main focus of your LinkedIn video strategy is to do this as well.

Let’s face it – we can’t spend time (or money) completing activities without a high return on investment (ROI).

So, for that reason alone, you could start using LinkedIn video to reach a larger audience with your products video, or even better videos.  Create short form content, giving the audience value about your product and what it can do to solve their problem / issue.

Video Blogging

People hate to admit this, but, LinkedIn is a social media channel, and as I mentioned earlier in this blog, people love to watch behind the scenes, so if you can give them that in a video blog, it really will reach a high audience. 

I personally create a daily vlog, which I publish on YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn. 

You may ask why I publish it in three separate places, but, all these platforms prefer content to be native to their sites, so remove the friction for them as well as your audience by ensuring you put the content where they’re happy for it to be digested, don’t forget you are your own brand as well as the business having a brand too.  So this type of thing will help you increase both those things.

A Few Tips for Sharing Video/s on LinkedIn

The shotgun method is something of the past on social media.  So many people would tag their content with provocative metadata and dodgy titles which had nothing to do with the content and would grow quickly.  The platforms have now grown up and understand these methods and punish creators for using them. 

Publishing video content without a detailed plan behind it only leads to misery. 

1. Optimise for Mobile Viewing

Make your content mobile friendly.  Think about how often you use your phone to digest content (usually while you’re sat on the loo).

In fact over 55% of all engagement is done on a mobile phone.  People no longer use desktop browsing as a norm, and influencers and business people like Gary Lee don’t even own a laptop anymore and do all their business on their mobile phones.

You can do make your content mobile friendly by making sure it’s filmed and created with mobile aspect ratios in mind, are you posting it on instagram, perhaps a 600×600 aspect ratio is better than going 1920×1080.

Also, don’t forget to add captions / sub titles.  I use the excellent service for this and cannot recommend them enough which is why I’ve linked them up too.

2. Keep it Short….ish

Not only are we lazy as humans, but, our attention span is becoming shorter and shorter.

In 2017, the average video was about 4 minutes long, but, only 10 seconds was actually viewed.  Now you can look at this two ways, it’s a great opportunity to re-target that content to those people who only watched 10 seconds, or, make your content shorter and more engaging in the time people are watching on average.

So, look to stop people from dropping off your linkedin content by keeping it short and easy to digest.

Also, don’t forget, linkedin videos have a limit of 10 minutes, so even if the content is incredible and engaging, you need to get into that time limit.

3. Do it regularly

As with all social media, it’s not a case of doing it once or twice and thinking it doesn’t work.  You need to make your content on a regular basis to grow an audience who want to digest what you’ve got to say.  So stop worrying about vanity metrics straight off the bat, and just keep doing what you’re good at, which is giving value with your amazing video content, over and over again.  


Try to stick to a schedule too, so people can expect the content at a specific time of the day.  Don’t confuse them by posting at 6pm and then the next day your video is out at 6am, this is actually a rule to work by across ALL social media channels.

So, hopefully, having read this blog, you now feel you have some tools to start creating your linkedin video content, and speaking to a much wider audience.

I can’t wait to see what you’ve got to come, so please do connect on LinkedIn here, and if you’ve any questions, drop me a DM or email on [email protected]

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