So, you’ve just logged into your social media platform of choice, and you’re waiting for that front page to load up and tell you how many thumbs up, hearts, likes etc. etc. your content has got from your current group of raving fans. As much as we shouldn’t, we all care a little about vanity metrics, and want our audience to appreciate the value we’re giving them in our social media content.

However, liking is fantastic, but, what about sharing our content too? The one way we can truly grow our audience is by our current fans sharing what we’re giving them in value, so, the question has to be asked, why are they not sharing your content already? The buttons are close enough, so we need to make it as easy as possible for our audience to hit it and get us in front of their audience too.

So, here are 5 simple things to look out for with your content as to why they might be not sharing your content to everyone.

1. POOR TITLE, how good is the title for your content? You need something to draw people in, and something they feel will appeal to their audience too. I’m not say use “CLICK BAIT” titles as that has the opposite effect, but, just think hard about them.

2. NO PICTURES, people love something visual. Also visual content really helps people connect to what you’ve got to say, especially if the picture is really connected closely to your content subject matter.

3. NO CONNECTION, this for me is exceptionally important. So many people create social media content that purely sells them and their brand, there’s no value in the content which is a huge turn off for your current audience, let alone them sharing your content with their audience. Nobody wants to be sold at 100% of the time, so think about what you’re posting, creating and STOP SELLING every single time you publish a piece of content.

4. REMOVE THE FRICTION, to many people create friction with their content.  Writing a blog and post it on your website just isn’t enough anymore.  People want to digest content in their own way, so if you’re not posting where they want to read, see, watch, listen, then you’re missing out on an opportunity to convert them into a raving fan of your brand and business.  So the way around this is to start making your content work harder for you,  re-purposing other pieces so you have all the bases covered.

5. TRUST, one of the big things for most people is TRUST. People will not share what they don’t trust, so spend time nurturing relationships and create a true emotional connection between you and your amazing audience so they feel they can share your content with their audience.

So there you have it, 5 simple things to look at with your content.  These won’t 100% make people share your content, sometimes it’s as simple as asking, but, work on these and it’ll certainly help them spread the word of your brand further than ever before by simple clicking that share button.

If you’d like to chat more, drop me a line, I’d be more than happy to chat [email protected] 

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