Although they’re not for everyone, a lot of people enjoy bonfire night on November 5th, and we’ve all pulled out our camera to take a picture and missed the moment, or it’s come out all grainy, fuzzy and not really captured the event.

So, to help you out, here’s some simple tips for settings on your DSLR so you know how to photograph fireworks

1. Set your ISO as low as possible, 100 or 200 is ideal
2. Set you aperture to F/11
3. Set the shutter speed to about 1/2 a second

It’s really that simple, nothing extra, then snap away. If you feel your photos are a bit dim, alter your shutter speed while leaving everything else, although, of course the slower the shutter speed the more steady you need to be, so maybe using a tripod wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Have fun, and post your firework photos on our page on bonfire night, we look forward to seeing your shots.