So, GDPR, it’s coming whether we like it or not, and just a few hours ago I was surfing my social media and stumbled across a very interesting LinkedIn post. It spoke all about GDPR and what they saw as a huge issue for many small and large businesses who relied on email.

The thing is with GDPR if you’re not already aware, are people have to opt for your content.  So if you’re sending out to a massive email list and you’ve added most of the people in yourself from business cards you’ve picked up along the way, well that’s a bit naughty, in fact, it was naughty before GDPR too, but, it’s become even more prevalent now. I’m not a GDPR expert, in any way shape or form, but, if you’d like some help to be sure you’re compliant before it all goes crazy, have a chat to my friend Julia Blake, she’s 110% on the ball and will be sure to help you get straight.


So, why is this blog called GDPR & Social Media if I can’t help you with GDPR?  Well, this piece I read on LinkedIn really resonated with me, as it discussed, the 100’s and 1000’s of businesses who rely on their email marketing to make an impact.  The businesses out there who’ve been asking people to stay opted in and having massive amounts of people either just ignore and delete their emails, or have been actively unsubscribing from everything and anything that comes into their inbox asking this question.  It got me thinking more, how detrimental to a business is GDPR really going to be? Companies who’d send out a Friday email talking about great offers and deals to create sales over the weekend etc. etc. are all likely to see not only a further drop in their email open stats, but, also see a real impact in their sales, BUT, did they really have too?


So, we’ve all known about GDPR now for quite some time.  In fact, I’ve seen and heard people talking about it for at least 12 months now, in preparation for the day. I am truly astonished at the brands and businesses who’ve known they’re going to find a drop in their subscribers and potential sales and yet haven’t taken this opportunity to begin building a much stronger online brand for their business.

If they had spent the last 12 months, not only getting their business into GDPR compliant mode, but also, got themselves into creating regular, value-driven content for their social media, they could have built a good fan base by now that wouldn’t be adverse to a sales message on their social media now and again, and most frustratingly for them, it’s not a difficult process to start.  In fact, many businesses have already begun the process without even knowing it.

I know I speak about this ALL THE TIME, but, from just creating 1 piece of valueable content, you can move forward and create a huge library of content that will work excellently for you, driving your followers back to your main hub of content, be it your website, eshop, linkedin etc. etc. and then you need to rinse and repeat the process consistently, you don’t just do it once or twice, or come back to me saying I’ve done this for 3 months and not had any sales, this is growing an organic audience.  A group of people who are raving fans of what you do, not just any old tom dick and harry who’ve followed you because you’ve followed them.


So for those of you who are new to my blogs, here’s my process, it’s simple, a little daunting in places, but, it’s an amazing opportunity for you to create A LOT of content for FREE, and that’s my favourite four letter word.

  1. CREATE A MARKETING CALENDAR – Plan out your year ahead, look at events, trends etc. within your market place that you can work around.  It doesn’t have to just be summer, or christmas etc. For example, you could work as a P.T. and base a months worth of content around getting from the sofa to 5K in time for Race For Life.  Just start thinking out the box a bit, as your marketing calendar is going to become your guide to what your blogs are going to be about, which brings us nicely on to step number 2.
  2. BLOGGING – If you’re not already blogging, get on the case.  What’s easier than sitting down and writing a bunch of stuff on a subject you’re already passionate about (your business or brand). Especially when you’ve got your marketing calendar to hand to help you know what you’re going to be talking about.
  3. BULLET POINT YOUR BLOG – Find the two or three points that you think will resonate with your audience and bullet point them, are you able to tell a story around these points, talking about the blog perhaps, because this is daunting part NUMBER 1, if you’ve got a mobile phone, or a computer and webcam, you’re about to create one of the most important pieces of content in the process
  4. LIVE VIDEO – That’s right, you’re about to go live on your streaming site of choice.  Whichever site you choose to use, you’ve no need to sit in fear. If you hate seeing yourself in the camera, cover the screen with a post-it note.  If you struggle to talk too, rather than at your audience, stick a photo of a friend over the top of the lens and talk to them.  You’ve got your blog, you know your subject, you’ve already proven that with the blog….YOU’RE A VOICE OF AUTHORITY, so it’s time to start telling the world about all the great stuff in your industry, one story at a time.
  5. RE-PURPOSING YOUR CONTENT – This here is the trick, it can save you a massive amount of time and energy. Admitably, it does require a skill set of being able to do some basic video, audio, and visual editing, but, if you’re happy to learn those skills, you can now take that Live video and download it, and create so much more content.  Short form videos (under 1 minute if possible) that use your resonating points to hit your audience fast and hard. Memes that do the same thing but on other social media channels, the audio can become a podcast with some simple additions.

Just remember, we started with a BLOG, and we’ve ended up with somewhere in the region of 10-15 pieces of content we can now use to throw people back to our main hub of content. So every single time you release a blog, you should look to do all these things and smash out content galore to your audience.  Build a fan base, and give them value, I’ve said this a lot in recent blogs and live content, DO NOT SELL, stop selling.

I had to explain this to a friend the other day in real life terms.  It’s not a fail-safe rule, but, usually, if you walk into a store and within 10 seconds the sales assistant is by your side asking the question “Can I help you, or, do you need help”, it puts you on the back foot and you generally say no you’re OK thanks and leave the store, you’re not ready to be sold too just yet.  However, if that same sales assistant didn’t just pounce on you, and just acknowledged you as you came into the store with an afternoon, or a simple hello, you know they’ve seen you, you know they’re also not pushy or going to jump down your throat at the first sign of a sale. You see, it’s all about building a relationship, you wouldn’t ask a person to marry you on date number 1, and you shouldn’t ask or imply to a person for a sale with the first words you say to them.  This is all I’ll say on the matter, as I’ve spoken at length about value previously.


Of course, it’s not too late to start building a brand.  Just don’t expect a huge fan base tomorrow, it takes time, patience and a whole lot of very hard work and long hours to do everything I’ve mentioned, day in and day out, as well as doing your job.

However, is it worth it, you bet your ass it’s worth it?  Build an audience of raving fans who love your content, and you’ll have a team of people ready and willing to buy what you’ve got to offer when you slip in the odd sales message here and there further down the line.

If you need any help at all in the process I’ve spoken about, or what me to chat a bit more in-depth about it with you, just drop me an email, I’d be more than happy to have a chat, it’s FREE (there’s that four letter word again) [email protected]

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