For the past 12 to 24 months, the drone has become exceptionally prevalent in the visual content industry and on television, with footage on shows filmed worldwide.

However, the issue most recently has risen that many operators working commercially in the UK do not hold the CAA permissions PfAW (Permission For Aerial Work).  This means they operate without public liability insurance, or the knowledge of risk assessments.

This is why the UK government is looking at increasing safety by having drone users sit safety tests, under new legislation.

Drones weighing more than 250g could also be banned from flying near airports, or above 400 ft, in a crackdown on unsafe flying.

the drone code

Police will also be given new powers to seize and ground drones which may have been used in criminal activity.  The potential change in rules has been welcomed by the pilots’ union, which has warned of near misses involving drones and aircraft.  Balpa said there had been 81 incidents this year, so far, which is up from 71 in 2016 and 29 in 2015.

The union’s general secretary, Brian Strutton, has said: “These proposals are a step towards the safe integration of drones, but until the new rules are in place the threat of a serious collision remains.”


This is why at Perception Studios, we take drone safety so seriously, and it’s of the upmost importance that we ensure all content we film is captured legally, and safely.

The proposed laws are due to hit in Spring 2018, which would mean potential pilots would have to sit and pass a small exam to fly any drone over 250g in weight.

We want you to be sure the operator you’re using for your project has permissions which is why we suggest you check the drone register, found here, so you know they have public liability insurance that covers you and your property.

If we can help you with your content at all, please don’t hesitate to email our Founder and CAA operator Simon Scholes who’ll be happy to answer your questions.