DJI Phantom 3

Perception Studios are fully qualified drone pilots, with CAA approval, and, insurance, which allows us to fly legally for you.

Our drone pilot in command, Simon, was also a PPL holder with almost 100 logged hours, flying the piper warrior and other fixed-wing aircraft.  He now takes control of our DJI kit to capture incredible aerial video and photography for your business.

Aerial work has so many potential areas to be used. Let’s have a no obligations chat, about how we could help your business, from brand videos, estate photo’s, roof surveys, and much more.

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Aerial Photography : £275 + £100 prior risk assessment fee (photography usually takes approximately an hour + one hour for the on site risk assessment on the day)
Aerial Filming (Half Day) : £299 + £100 prior risk assessment fee (4 hours + 1 hour to do on site risk assessment on the day, requires access to a charging area)
Aerial Filming (Full Day) : £400 + £100 prior risk assessment fee (7 hours + 1 hour to do on site risk assessment on the day + 1 hour lunch, requires access to charging area)

Should an observer be required for any job due to safety measures, this is charged as follows:

Half Day observer cost : £175
Full Day observer cost : £350

As with any aerial work, the weather is a huge factor, and should we book a date and then the weather causes the job to be cancelled, there would be a 50% cost cancellation fee for myself and any observer should the job not take place on another date. If the job is re-scheduled then just travel expenses will be charged, should travel have taken place.

If you’d like the content editing as well my day post production rate is £500

My travel costs are 45p per mile, and should a hotel be required (anything over 3 hours driving away, this is for safety to allow me as the pilot in control to fly safely) this is charged at cost of the room, and should an observer be required, this is at the cost of two rooms.

Sustenance if it is an over night job is charged at £15 per person, per night