So, as a brand and business, we’re sure you’ve been told that business video is of vital importance to helping you increase awareness of yourselves.

However, something we hear over and over again is I’ve done my video, so why am I not getting any extra traffic through my website or customers?


Well, I’m going to be brutally honest here, and you may not like what I have to say.


Having an all singing, all dancing video created is brilliant, but, if you don’t make good use of it, it’s like having a book you’ve written yourself, you know is a best seller, but, nobody can read it as you’ve not sent it to the publishers.

You have to get people to see your content, and it depends on what you’re trying to achieve from your video.


If you’re advertising a product, then the video you’ve created can be turned into smaller pieces of content show the product in use, or maybe you could look at an entire marketing campaign with totally different visual content to be created, that all point towards your website where people will also see the over seeing video (more on this later).

However, if it’s a video to showcase your business, what about pushing it further on social channels.  Your website is your main hub for content, but, that doesn’t mean the video can’t be posted in other places.  Just make sure your content always points back to your main business hub of content. Post the link on twitter, upload it directly to Facebook (the medium frowns on you just posting links to other video websites, and punishes you by pushing your posting further down peoples feeds so they very rarely get seen by people).  Make a shorter version of the video (less than 60 seconds) and post it on Instagram, to entice people into your main website to see the whole piece of content. Just don’t forget ,


So, as I mentioned, what about making an entire marketing campaign around your product video.  As a visual agency, we’ve worked with brands and businesses to help them push themselves out to their audience in a creative and interactive way.  Your content should be bespoke to your business and product, and different, for different mediums.


How many times do you see people using social media, and they’re scrolling through with their thumb, on their phone?

So, ask yourself, what is the point in the same old piece of content being pushed out time and time again if it’s doing nothing for you. This is where a good visual agency can help, they’ll come up with excellent content that will compliment your marketing schedule.  This could range from beautifully shot photos you can use on twitter, Pinterest etc. through to cinemagraphs and 3D Gifs to capture your audience on Facebook on Instagram, or even short form videos that still tell your products story in a more succinct way that your main video.


Also, don’t forget that if budget is a problem, what about Facebook live?

You literally have a television studio in your back pocket on your phone…..make use of it.

Your TV Studio

At it’s absolute basic, Facebook live will help you speak to a much larger audience than you could ever imagine, and don’t worry if people don’t watch live, your video can also be viewed afterwards.

Then, just like with all video content, make that excellent Facebook live you’ve done, that ties in to your marketing schedule work for you.  Re-purpose it, turn it into Memes (Pictures with quotes from the video, that strike a chord with the viewer),

Meme Example
Meme Example

shorter pieces of content, download it and post it too YouTube to help with SEO (if you’re tagging it correctly, but, that’s for another blog). Write a blog that works alongside the content your spoken about, and all the time……REMEMBER RULE 1.

Here at Perception Studios, we work with you, to help you create the perfect content for your brand, that works for you and speaks to your customers the same way you do in your marketing content.

If we can be of any help, email our Creative Director, Simon and he’ll guide you through the process.