The right Twitter list can help you find, monitor and interact with the right people easily, and allow you to be the James Bond of the business world by spying on different people without them even knowing.

That’s right, you can stay up to date with the competition and what they’re doing on Twitter, and more importantly right now, what they’re not doing. A few years ago, Twitter was all the rage and everyone in business was using it in the hope of sending that one magical (impossible) tweet that would win them a million-pound contract.

When that didn’t happen, most of these businesses shut up shop on Twitter and just post randomly now and again, so this is the perfect opportunity for you to get out there and start communicating.

So, why lists?

#1: Monitor Competitors
Keep your competitors’ Twitter accounts in one handy list so you can easily monitor their tweets. It’s an excellent way to see how they interact on Twitter: scope out their activities, view their updates, check out their offers and stay on top of their news.

Use these insights to improve your own Twitter strategy. See what works for them and adapt it to your business.

#2: Connect With Industry Leaders
Keep track of the leaders in your industry by putting them into one powerful list.
Use this list to manage and improve your relationship with these leaders. When you follow their tweets, you can engage with them consistently.

Creating a list of industry leaders also adds value to your account. Creating a list with all of the top influencers makes you a valuable resource.

#3: Stay on Top of Trends
To keep up with the latest news and trends on Twitter without getting distracted by irrelevant tweets, create a list.

This is an effective way to un-clutter your Twitter feed, while also increasing your profile’s status as an industry leader.

There’s so much more they’re useful for, just drop me a line……speak soon