Sometimes we come out with a true moment of inspiration when we’re on social media.  That piece of content that really resonates with our audience, and we want as many people as possible who visit our page, feed, subscriptions etc. to be able to consume that message too, especially if it give a lot of value.


This is why it’s important to pin stuff.  On several social media channels you have the option to pin content to the top of a feed so everyone who visits your pages gets to consume that content.

One of the best places to do this is on your business page on FB, it’s an awesome opportunity to get people who visit your page to see that content instantly, and even more so, new people to the page who’ve come because content has been shared by someone they know will also get to consume it.

However, just remember, regularly swap out that content, otherwise people are going to get bored with the same constant message at the top of their feeds when they visit your page.

P.S. You can’t do this in a group, but, you can make a post an announcement which is almost the same thing.

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