To many people forget the keyword in SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING. That keyword is “SOCIAL” we forget to actually talk to people.

How often do you consume content from people and it’s A sign up for this free review or click this link to a book on my $2000 course.

People and consumers are not stupid, they don’t want to be constantly sold too. Think about how excited you get if someone drops you a DM on Twitter, it’s like getting a letter in the post. So you need to treat your social media marketing the same way.

Start talking to people more and being social. Join groups where you can help and add value. Search for people on channels who need your area of expertise. You’re not always looking for the next paying customer, you’re looking for the next person you can give value to, maybe advice that could save them money not cost them it.

If you want to know more about social media marketing, just follow my channels or drop me a line to have a chat.

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