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Do A Grouch A Favour

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Do A Grouch A Favour

(The following is a transcript of the below video)

Now. Then how the devil are you. Well, excellent. Me too. Thank you very much for asking. So then it’s a quick video today. It’d been a Sunday and I want some time with my family. However, as today is do a grouch a favour day. I felt this was an ideal opportunity to discuss. One thing with you that I know is quite high on most people’s list and that is why they don’t press publish on quite a lot of their content. They don’t actually even start doing the content in the first place. It’s because we’re afraid of what other people might say. We’re afraid of trolls. Everyone’s favourite thing because you get these idiots keyboard warriors who go, you’re rubbish and they type it all out and they post it on your content and then you feel bad about it. Now the fact of the matter is I’m in a fortunate position doing what I’ve done over the years working in TV, working in radio.

I had a lot of people tell me on crap. A lot of people tell them half decent and a few people tell me that it was actually quite good, but not, not so many more than that on the troll’s side than anything else, but I live by a mantra myself, which is is none of my business what anybody else thinks of me? Because the fact of the matter is when it comes to social media, who cares what somebody else thinks? As long as you are giving value to your audience and your audience is getting value from your content and they’re enjoying the content that they’re consuming from you, whether it be written or a podcast or a video like this or means or whatever you’re doing, if they’re getting value from it, who cares? Or one little troll who decided to leave a comment on your content has actually got to do with anything whatsoever.

The fact of the matter is, is you’ve got to think a little bit about them on a sad basis in the fact that they have taken their time out of their day to consume content that they don’t like and then they dislike it so much that they’ve taken time out of their day to then comment that they dislike it. In other words, they’re sad, so don’t worry about them. Press publish on that content and the audience that you do have will absolutely love the value that you’ve got to give. Whether you be an accountant, a mechanic, a plumber, an electrician, a social media expert, a swimming tutor, whatever it is that you do, but the value out there for your audience to consume so they can get that value from it. Now, if you’re not communicating, nobody can listen to what you’ve got to say, so start pressing, publish, start pressing post on your content.

Stop worrying about what anybody else may think. Stop worrying about Norbert syndrome. Everybody coming into your content. This is what I like to call it, imposter syndrome. Coming onto your content and going, ah, you know nothing. You’re in the bed cause that’s not going to happen. You’ve got value to give your audience, they’re going to enjoy it. And if one or two trolls do pop on, just remember that they’ve taken their time to consume your content in the first place and leave a comment. I normally raise attention to that fact and actually kill them with kindness. Maybe you could do the same, but hopefully, you’ve got a bit of value from this. And until tomorrow, have a Gooden and celebrate. Do a grouch of favour a day. So in other words, go say hello to the trolls when the trolley, when your content, if they’re 20 when your content see you tomorrow. Bye.


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