Over the last few years, we’ve had the privilege of working with the team at DIVERSE BEAUTY on their visual marketing content.

As with many businesses, they understand the huge importance of social media marketing for a brand, and how important it is that rather than shouting loudly in a room of other people also shouting, they needed to be more creative in what they’re putting out for people to see.

Our Creative Director Simon Scholes, sat down with the Managing Director, Victoria Lee, to understand more about what they wanted to achieve each month.  Be it short form content to show a specific treatment in action, through to stunning visuals that advertise a product or reason to visit the salon.

We came up with a collection of content that advertised the need for them as a brand for Valentines Day, Lent, and specific products.



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If you think what we did for Diverse beauty could work to improve your social media marketing, email us today to find out more [email protected]