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The devil. I you. Well, excellent. Me too. Thank you very much for asking. It is national cooker sweet potato day as if there’s a day for cooking a sweet potato. I know they’ll make anything where they, anyway, so yesterday is national cookers, sweet potato day. Everybody cooks sweet potatoes these days because they want to be a little bit healthier than want something a bit nicer in their diet with less carbs. Um, and to try and tie this into social media, it got me thinking about how healthy is your content and your social media for your audience. Uh, because so many people just throw content out at different times of the day to potentially different audiences without really thinking seriously about their content and what they’re actually doing with that. So it begs the question, do you understand who your avatar is? If you don’t know what an avatar is, basically an avatar is the ideal customer for you, your niche customer.

So for me, obviously as a business, we run a visual marketing agency. So we create content for lots of different brands and lots of different businesses. But we specifically help mindset and life coaches. That is our speciality. But we create content for lots and lots of different people. But that is kind of our specialty. So what you need to do is try and work out who your avatar actually is. If you don’t know who your avatar is, it’s such an important thing to know before you start doing anything else. Because if you don’t know who your ideal customer is, who they are, what would that male, female, what their age is, you won’t know when they’re going to be online, what kind of stuff that they would like to interact with, like they’ll enjoy reading about, um, and all that kind of stuff. You want to, how to talk to them and you won’t know where to find them either.

Obviously using all social media channels is a must, but you also want to put a majority of your effort into one specific channel because that’s where your audience is most likely going to be. So where is your audience most likely going to be? You won’t know. And their Shindo their avatar, who they actually are. They could be a Snapchat user, it could be a tech talk user, it could be a byte user. These are apps that you probably never even thought of using. But if you don’t know who your avatar is, you don’t know if for sure your avatar is actually hanging out in those places. And even more so once you know who your avatar is and you’ll be able to know what time the hanging out as well. So unless you’re a global business and need to hit your avatar at different times of the day throughout the day, you could actually start on focusing your content to go out when they’re going to be online and most likely going to interact with it and actually want to consume it.

Exactly. So if you don’t know who your avatar is, you need to start thinking about how you’re going to work it out. I know somebody I’ve worked with in the past, Julia Blake does an absolutely awesome avatar, a worksheet. I will put the link to that in the section below so you can go download it and get cracking so you can find out who your own avatar is and start working it out. Start making your social media a bit healthier rather than scattered on approaching your social media or your marketing altogether and just not knowing who your customer is. You can actually know exactly who they are, how old they are, what sex they are, what they enjoy doing, and start talking to them and uphold those things and actually making your content direct to them. Okay. Thanks for watching. If you’re brand new, as always, please do subscribe. That would be really cool. And until tomorrow, African and enjoy sweet potato day. Bye.