Simon Scholes
Managing & Creative Director

Simon is our award-winning, fitness fanatic, Founder & Creative Director. He was previously a high ranking athlete, but, started his creative career in radio, working for local, regional and national services. He then went to work in production for a group of national radio services, providing content to national brands such as IKEA, Lloyds Pharmacy, Dixons, Burberry and many others. It was here his passion for visual marketing took a real step forward, creating and working with video content for the likes of Urban Decay, Game & Lloyds Banking Group. In 2013 Perception Studios was born, and Simon was the founding partner. Since then, Simon has had experience of working with local, national and international clients, creating content from documentaries to social media videos, and everything in between. He is also our aerial pilot, with a CAA PfCO to his name, ensuring any content you have captured with a drone is legal, and not likely to get you fined. He is also an expert in Facebook Live content, help you get the most out of your videos, to spur your brand onto the next level.

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Andy Watson
Head of Animation
Andy is a superb videographer and animator. He's created amazing visuals for many brands, starting his career from university. His animation work, spans from kinetic text, right through to incredible stop motion work, which can be seen on our animation pages. To find out more about how animation can help your brand, speak to us today, and Andy will be on the case.
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Dave Woollatt
Head Of Photography
Dave is an incredible photographer. As a lifelong passion, Dave took his skills and truly honed them, working on personal and corporate projects, and has even displayed his work in galleries. He joined the Perception team a while ago now, and his work has enhanced many projects and helped to really showcase products and teams on company websites.
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