So, we’re onto day 3 of our tips for your content marketing.  So, todays tip is very prevalent for this month, as we’ll all be looking to set our goals soon for 2019, so the big thing to add into your planning for the next year is your marketing plan, and more specifically connected to blogs.




Earlier this year (2018) we where commissioned to create a video for Rookery Farms, Newbury to showcase their combine harvesting capabilities.

They’re a family ran business, and this year they’re celebrating a huge anniversary. So we’re making content to go along with the celebrations.  

This year, they now have a double combine harvester capability which looks incredible from the ground and the air. Over a few weeks we created this film showcasing their kit to it’s full potential on their land, in and around Hermitage, Berkshire.


Stop Worrying About Vanity Metrics


Oh, my god, those words ring in my ears from when I first started on YouTube almost 10 years ago now with my first channel.  It was something everyone went around asking, and in all honesty, at the time when I understood very little about the future of social media and especially YouTube, I went along with it.  Who wouldn’t, it was cool to see your subscriber base pop over that magical 100 mark and then 1000 etc. etc. however, little did we know at the time about vanity metrics.


Animation From Perception

Perception Studios is very proud to announce that we’re now able to offer another high quality service. We’ve joined forces with an excellent animation team and are able to offer you an amazing high end product.

They have previously worked with national brands and produced amazing content for people like Kidicare.

Take a look at our animation page (click here) to see their work and speak to us today to find out how we can bring you more bang to your marketing buck with video and growth analysis.


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