How are you making sure you’re talking to your audience today?

One day this week I was filming in Southampton first thing in the day, then I had to head to London for an afternoon photo shoot for a client.

Obviously being on the road most of the day meant I didn’t have time to complete all my social media content for that particular day. However, did I let that stop me talking to my audience……of course not.

So to make sure I’ve got content for my audience I stayed up late to make sure it was prepped and got up early to be sure I’ve got it all with me on my phone ready to post to people.

Being busy is not an excuse to forget your amazing fans. They want to hear from you, it’s why they’ve followed you in the first place.

I spoke about this a lot a few weeks ago, but, if you plan your content in advance and know your subject matters each and every week in a month at least, then creating the content to work with that value and message shouldn’t be difficult.

So, next time you’re prepping for a busy day or week, remember to plan your arse off, then create the content, and make 1 or two mins in your day, three or four times in your day, and get that content posted out.





So, yet again we find ourselves battling with the idea of PERFECTION. So many people I speak to about their brands are massively hung up on their content being perfect, it has to look perfect, sound perfect, be filmed perfectly.

Please start to remember……..


This is the problem you’re likely to be battling by aiming for perfection all the time with your content. That said, sometimes it’s super easy to make some of your content better, simple things like sticking your head under a duvet with your phone as you record your podcast can really make your phone sound like a professional mic (listen to tonight’s podcast for a great example of this).

However, even though these things are easy, it’s really not all that important, just aim to start creating consistent on brand and message-based content you’re proud of releasing, that isn’t always perfect. You’re capable of giving great value, so watch your audience grow.


OK, so here’s 5 great reasons why you should be podcasting.

1. It’s easy.

OK, so starting a podcast sounds like a complicated task, but in reality, it requires minimal up-front investment. Have you got a phone with a voice recorder on it???? You do, GREAT, you can record a podcast then. Find a subject and record it and then send that audio to your computer and upload it to your podcast platform of choice

2. It allows you to produce long-form content.

A podcast allows you to go deeper into your content.

According to Salesforce, “Three percent of monthly podcast consumers listen to the beginning of a podcast only. By and large, podcast listeners are loyal and committed to hearing out the full episode.” This means that there is an enormous opportunity here to showcase your expertise in a way that other formats cannot manage.

3. You’re supporting your partners.

The most common format for a podcast is an interview. As the host of your own show, bringing guests on to interview allows you not only to expand the information you’re providing to your audience by tapping into your guest’s expertise but also to support industry partners. By asking someone to be a guest on your show, you’re giving them access to your audience, potentially helping your guest grow their reach and vice versa too which is so powerful.

4. You build a personal connection with your audience.

Successful podcasts are rarely scripted. As such, the host’s personality has a chance to shine through. Much like the video, podcasts are one of the quickest ways to build personal connections and trust between a host and an audience.

5. It removes almost all friction

So many people create friction with their content. As humans we all learn in different ways, it’s why in my opinion the school examination and overall system is fucked up, but, that’s a conversation for another day. With social media, so many of us create friction. Writing a blog and post it on your website just isn’t enough anymore but the podcast is a brilliant way to remove the friction, it can be listened to at any point in the day and in many different situations, in the gym, driving the kids, mowing the lawn, on a walk, cooking dinner etc. etc. etc.

There are many benefits to starting a podcast. If you have the content to support it and some time to dedicate toward recording and promoting your content, a podcast can go a long way toward growing your brand.


So, one thing I hear a lot from different solopreneurs and business owners is how difficult it is to come up with content ideas for blogs at the last minute.

Too many brands and businesses leave creating content to the last minute and put very little thought into the subject matter as it’s so last minute to create it. This is why planning is so important. You can begin to think strategically about your content, so you’re talking to people at the right time, about the right things. Rather than talking about your special products coming out for Christmas in December, you need to work just like the larger brands and make people aware of you and your products in late October / early November so you’re the front of mind product before they make their early choices.

So, look to plan your blogs for the rest of September today, that way you’ll know exactly where you’re going with your content and be able to write your blogs potentially in one go so you’re prepared for the month ahead.



So, we’re onto day 3 of our tips for your content marketing.  So, todays tip is very prevalent for this month, as we’ll all be looking to set our goals soon for 2019, so the big thing to add into your planning for the next year is your marketing plan, and more specifically connected to blogs.




Earlier this year (2018) we where commissioned to create a video for Rookery Farms, Newbury to showcase their combine harvesting capabilities.

They’re a family ran business, and this year they’re celebrating a huge anniversary. So we’re making content to go along with the celebrations.  

This year, they now have a double combine harvester capability which looks incredible from the ground and the air. Over a few weeks we created this film showcasing their kit to it’s full potential on their land, in and around Hermitage, Berkshire.


Stop Worrying About Vanity Metrics


Oh, my god, those words ring in my ears from when I first started on YouTube almost 10 years ago now with my first channel.  It was something everyone went around asking, and in all honesty, at the time when I understood very little about the future of social media and especially YouTube, I went along with it.  Who wouldn’t, it was cool to see your subscriber base pop over that magical 100 mark and then 1000 etc. etc. however, little did we know at the time about vanity metrics.


Animation From Perception

Perception Studios is very proud to announce that we’re now able to offer another high quality service. We’ve joined forces with an excellent animation team and are able to offer you an amazing high end product.

They have previously worked with national brands and produced amazing content for people like Kidicare.

Take a look at our animation page (click here) to see their work and speak to us today to find out how we can bring you more bang to your marketing buck with video and growth analysis.